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Q111. – (Topic 1) 

It is the first week after a project kick-off. The project team is not making much progress on decisions needed and are disagreeing with each other. Which of the following represents the team's current stage? 

A. Storming 

B. Norming 

C. Forming 

D. Performing 


Q112. – (Topic 2) 

Opportunities to improve project results are tracked as a part of which of the following aspects of the project? 

A. Risk 

B. Budget 

C. Scope 

D. Schedule 


Q113. – (Topic 1) 

The Earned Value of a project for the month is $10,000, and the Actual Cost of the project was $8,000. Which of the following is the Cost Performance Index? 

A. 80% 

B. 98% 

C. 100% 

D. 125% 


Q114. – (Topic 3) 

A project team is building an internal application that may be marketed to outside customers. Which of the following is considered the MOST appropriate risk response? 

A. Avoidance 

B. Mitigation 

C. Exploiting 

D. Acceptance 


Q115. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following items would be found in a project scope statement? 

A. Key performance indicators 

B. High-level cost estimates 

C. Acceptance criteria 

D. Bottom-up estimates 


Q116. – (Topic 2) 

A task leader for a project states that to complete the task on time, more money and three more people will be required. Which of the following change management procedures is being performed? 

A. Identified options 

B. Risk analysis 

C. Identified change 

D. Impact analysis 


Q117. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following describes the difference between a risk and an issue? 

A. A risk is something that has happened, whereas an issue might happen. 

B. A risk is known, whereas an issue is unknown. 

C. A risk is identified at the project’s beginning, whereas issues are identified during closure. 

D. A risk is something that might happen, whereas an issue is something that has happened. 


Q118. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following is the MOST common way to visually represent a WBS? 

A. Pareto chart 

B. SWOT chart 

C. Gantt chart 

D. PERT chart 


Q119. – (Topic 1) 

Which of the following areas is addressed in the Project Charter? 

A. Project team members 

B. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 

C. Business needs 

D. Communications venue 


Q120. – (Topic 3) 

Management would like to see a comparison of the budget control limits and cost baseline versus actual performance. Which of the following documents would be MOST likely to contain the information sought by management? 

A. Quality management plan 

B. Cost management plan 

C. Budgetary management plan 

D. Transition management plan