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2017 Mar PK0-003 Study Guide Questions:

Q151. – (Topic 3) 

The project manager informs the team that the client has approved a change in the direction of the project. Which of the following tasks should the project manager perform NEXT? 

A. Update cost and schedule baselines 

B. Schedule meetings based on the project schedule 

C. Review the communications plan and follow the steps 

D. Establish project quality by using the quality management metrics 

Answer: A 

Q152. – (Topic 1) 

Which of the following has occurred when project costs are baselined? 

A. The project manager has determined when they will need to make purchases 

B. The project costs have been spent 

C. The business has approved the budget 

D. The estimated costs of the project are fixed 

Answer: D 

Q153. – (Topic 3) 

A sponsor notifies the project manager that the product to be delivered by the project is no longer in compliance due to new governmental regulations. Which of the following project plan components will be affected NEXT? 

A. Change management plan 

B. Scope statement 

C. Communications plan 

D. Budget 

Answer: A 

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Q154. – (Topic 1) 

Within a corporation, project managers are assigned people based on defined roles and responsibilities. Project resources are temporarily provided to the project but still report the functional managers as well as the project manager. Which of the following styles of management is this also known as? 

A. Projectized management 

B. Matrix management 

C. Functional management 

D. SCRUM / agile 

Answer: B 

Q155. – (Topic 2) 

A project sponsor has requested significant, additional features to software being developed. Before submitting a change request that will result in changes to the project scope, which of the following activities should the project manager perform? 

A. Impact analysis 

B. Budget analysis 

C. Risk analysis 

D. Make/buy analysis 

E. SWOT analysis 

Answer: A 

Q156. – (Topic 2) 

Which of the following organizational types allows the project manager the MOST authority? 

A. Strong matrix 

B. Functional 

C. Weak matrix 

D. Projectized 

Answer: D 

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Q157. – (Topic 1) 

After identifying a change needed in the system, which of the following is the NEXT action the stakeholder should perform? 

A. Inform the developer 

B. Inform the resource manager 

C. Inform the project manager 

D. Inform the project sponsor 

Answer: C 

Q158. – (Topic 3) 

Approval from which of the following entities is required to make a project charter valid? 

A. Accounting 

B. Project sponsor 

C. Developer 

D. Legal 

Answer: B 

Q159. – (Topic 1) 

An active project has an EV of 50,000, an AC of 45,000, and a PV of 50,000. Which of the following represents the current project SPI? 

A. -5000 

B. .9 

C. 1 

D. 1.1 

Answer: C 

Q160. – (Topic 1) 

While working on a project, an unforeseen event arises that impacts a project objective. Which of the following should be updated as a result? 

A. Stakeholder register 

B. Issue log 

C. Risk register 

D. Change log 

Answer: B