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Exam Code: 1Z0-102 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Jun 1Z0-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. The master Embedded LDAP has the capability to back up its data. Which statement is true?

A. The Managed Servers should be shut down when backups are being performed on the Embedded LDAP.

B. The backup feature is enabled by default.

C. The backup featureof the Embedded LDAP should be enabled for all the servers in the domain on a per-basis.

D. The backup is stored in a comma-separated variable format.

Answer: C

Q62. Identify two supported methods of deploying a JMS module to a domain.

A. Create a module by using the administration console.

B. Load a module into the WebLogic database.

C. Include a module file within a web application archive.

D. Include a module file within an enterprise application archive.

E. Define a module within an existing JDBC module.

Answer: CD

Q63. You wish to provide failover for HTTP sessions within a cluster. However, you are limited by the following constraints:

1. While under load, your servers have very little free memory.

2. you do not have appropriate access rights to modify your company's database.

Which is the best option, given these restrictions?

A. in-memory replication

B. automatic migration

C. file persistence

D. JDBC persistence

E. replication groups

Answer: C

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Q64. While creating a new domain in the Configuration Wizard, there are two types of machines that may be configured. Indentify them.

A. Machine and Windows machine

B. administrator machine and managed machine

C. machine and Unix machine

D. stand-alone machine and cluster machine

E. RDBMS machine and LDAP machine

Answer: B

Q65. View the Exhibit.

You previously deployed an application but later decide to change various configuration parameters, such as timeouts. You access the application's Configuration tab in the console and make your configurations, as shown in the Exhibit.

In which file does WebLogic record these modifications?

A. config.xml

B. weblogic.xml

C. Application.xml

D. Plan.xml

Answer: B

Q66. You create a system-wide JMS module named Payroll-JMS and set its default target to an existing cluster in your domain named PayrollCluster. Next, you add a standard JMS topic to Payroll-JMS.

To which are you permitted to target this topic?

A. the entire PayrollCluster

B. any single JMS server in the domain

C. any combination of member servers in Payrollcluster

D. several JMS servers targeted to PayrollCluster

Answer: B

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Q67. Within your data center, the Administration and Managed Servers utilize a shared, central storage device, which server's access via NFS.

In this scenario, your application files no longer need to be copied to servers across the network. Which server attribute allows you to override this behavior?

A. Startup Mode

B. Staging Mode

C. Root Directory

D. Listen Address

Answer: B

Q68. You monitor a running JMS topic with the console and note the following values:

Consumers Current = 3

Message Current = 1

Message Pending = 0

These values do not change for several minutes. Which is the most plausible explanation?

A. Production on the topic has been paused.

B. A message arrived after a durable subscribe disconnected from the topic.

C. One of the consumers received a message but did not acknowledge it.

D. None of the consumers are durable subscribes.

Answer: B

Q69. YCMJ are viewing the deployments in the administration console. A web application that is targeted to the Managed Server named server01 has a State of "Now."

Which statement best explains this State?

A. Server01 is running and the application has been installed.

B. Sarver01 is shut down and the application has been installed.

C. Server01 is running and the application has not been installed.

D. Server01 is shut down and the application has not been installed.

E. Server01 is running and the application wasinstalled for the first time.

F. Server01 is running and the application has been installed, but is not servicing requests.

Answer: C

Q70. Refer to the Exhibit

What is the meaning of the yellow triangle icon next to Listen Address?

A. This attribute has no value.

B. The server must be runningto change this attribute.

C. The server must be shut down to change this attribute.

D. The server must be restarted for a change to this attribute to take effect.

E. This attribute is read only and cannot be changed in the administration console

Answer: D

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