10 tips on How to 117-102 Test Like a Badass [91 to 100]

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2016 Jul 117-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Modprobe can be used to load (choose all that apply):

A. a single module

B. a stack of dependent modules

C. all modules that are marked with a specified tag

D. None of the choices

Answer: ABC

Q92. What word is missing from the following SQL statement?

select count(*) _________ table name;

A. from

Answer: A

Q93. Your investigation of a system turns up a file that contains the line below:

find /home -iname .rhosts -exec rm -f {} \\;

What is the purpose of this script?

A. To enhance system security

B. To remove all program error dumps

C. To remove all temporary files in the user's home directories

D. To reset the configuration for the rsh and rexec utilities

Answer: A

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Rebirth 117-102 exam answers:

Q94. You found these lines in the modules.dep file: /lib/modules/2.2.5-15smp/fs/msdos.o:


Which of the following is true?

A. The msdos module is dependent upon fat.

B. The fat and msdos modules cannot be loaded manually.

C. The fat and msdos modules are automatically loaded at startup.

D. The fat module is a submodule to the msdos module.

Answer: A

Q95. Which of the following files should you edit to change this?

A. .editor

B. .bashrc

C. .bash_rc

D. ~/bash.conf

Answer: B

Q96. If you want to print a listing of your computer's mail queues, what command would you use?

A. sendmail -l

B. lpq

C. mailq

D. mlq

Answer: C


Simulation 117-102 Q&A:

Q97. User Bob Swanson (bswanson) has left Company.com.

His data has already been removed from his directory. How do you remove his account and directory?

A. rm -rf /home/bswanson

B. deluser /home/bswanson

C. uderdel -r bswanson

Answer: C

Q98. Which configuration option can you use to prevent the root user from logging directly onto a machine using ssh?

A. NoRootLogon

B. PermitRootLogin No

C. NoRootLogon Yes

D. RootLogin = No

E. ProhibitRootLogon No

Answer: B

Q99. You just installed a new system, but before you create any new users you want to ensure they have a subdirectory bin/ in their home directory. 

To ensure this directory is automatically created each time you add a new user, in what subdirectory should you create the directory?

A. /etc/skel

Answer: A

Q100. Which of the following are elements of good password practice for users? (Choose THREE)

A. Do not use words from a dictionary

B. Use upper-and lower-case letters

C. Use only alpha-numeric characters

D. A password should be easy to remember

E. Passwords should be 10 to 12 characters long

Answer: ABE

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