10 tips on How to JN0-130 Test Like a Badass [31 to 40]

Exam Code: JN0-130 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: juniper networks certified internet specialist.e(jncis-e)
Certification Provider: Juniper
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2016 Jun JN0-130 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. What are two advantages of BGP route aggregation? (Choose two.) 

A. It can reduce routing table size. 

B. It allows for optimal route selection. 

C. It can reduce the number of routing updates. 

D. It always shortens the attribute list for the aggregated route. 

Answer: AC 

Q32. Which two statements are true regarding EBGP and Confederation BGP? (Choose two.) 

A. EBGP peers advertise MED and change Next Hop. 

B. EBGP peers advertise Local Preference and do NOT change Next Hop. 

C. Confederation BGP peers advertise MED and do NOT change Next Hop. 

D. Confederation BGP peers advertise Local Preference and change Next Hop. 

Answer: AC 

Q33. You are running OSPF between two ERX Edge Routers across an OC-12c link with HDLC encapsulation. How many designated routers are present for this link? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

Answer: A 

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Q34. The PPP over Ethernet Discovery Stage determines which two parameters? (Choose two.) 

A. session ID 

B. authentication server 

C. IP address of the client 

D. MAC address of the ERX router 

Answer: AD 

Q35. Which configuration command configures queue buffer allocation on the ERX Edge Router? 

A. qos-profile 

B. queue-profile 

C. scheduler-profile 

D. traffic-shape-profile 

Answer: B 

Q36. Which command initiates a packet trace for all PPP packets on interface atm 6/1.33? 

A. log filter debugpppPacket atm 6/1.33 

B. logseverity debug pppPacket atm 6/1.33 

C. log filter debug categorypppPacket atm 6/1.33 

D. logseverity debug category pppPacket atm 6/1.33 

Answer: B 


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Q37. Which three statements are correct regarding the CLI command, 12tp destination profile to-NewYork virtual-router vr1 ip address ? (Choose three.) 

A. LNS IP address is defined. 

B. LAC IP address is defined. 

C. Virtual-router vr1 sends and receives L2TP traffic. 

D. Virtual-router vr1 is the authenticating virtual-router. 

E. This command is performed on the LNS. 

Answer: BCE 

Q38. Which interface tunnel parameter allows an LSP to use a specified explicit route? 

A. path-option 

B. route-option 

C. explicit-path-option 

D. explicit-route-option 

Answer: A 

Q39. Which OSPF parameter controls the amount of time it takes to determine if a neighbor has failed? 

A. hello time 

B. dead interval 

C. adjacency time 

D. retransmit interval 

Answer: B 

Q40. In a Bridged 1483 network, which set of commands represent an operationally correct configuration for an ATM subinterface? 

A. interfaceatm 6/0.33 

atmpvc 33 0 33 aal5mux 


ipunnumbered loopback0 

B. interfaceatm 6/0.33 

atmpvc 33 0 33 aal5snap 


ipunnumbered loopback0 

C. interfaceatm 6/0.33 

atmpvc 33 0 33 aal5mux 


ipaddress unnumbered loopback0 

D. interfaceatm 6/0.33 

atmpvc 33 0 33 aal5snap 



Answer: B 

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