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2016 Jun P2090-027 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. What is the procedure for changing the temperature of a table space configured using the multi-temperature storage feature? 

A. Reassign the table space to a cold storage group 

B. Mount an SSD in the table space 

C. Backup and restore into a new storage group 

D. Change the data tag attribute of the table space 

Answer: A 


Q2. The Unstructured Analysis component of InfoSphere Warehouse provides the ability to: 

A. create an OLAP cube within the unstructured data. 

B. use standard analysis tools to directly access unstructured data. 

C. extract knowledge from unstructured data for use by standard analysis tools. 

D. None of the above. 

Answer: C 


Q3. Which capability is not provided by the InfoSphere Warehouse? 

A. Data Mining 

B. Cubing Modeling 

C. Logical Data Modeling 

D. Unstructured Text Analysis 

Answer: C 


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Regenerate P2090-027 exam answers:

Q4. A physical database model was reverse engineered from an existing DB2 database. Several changes were then made to the physical model. Which Design Studio feature would be used to synchronize the physical model with the actual database? 

A. Analyze impact. 

B. Compare with another data object. 

C. Compare with original source. 

D. Compare with each other. 

Answer: C 


Q5. Which of the following is not an InfoSphere Warehouse Model pack? 

A. Market & Campaign Insight 

B. Supply Chain Insight 

C. Financial Planning Insight 

D. Customer Insight 

Answer: C 


Q6. What is an advantage of using an IBM Smart Analytics System over a traditional data warehousing solution? 

A. Single point of support 

B. Broad analytic capabilities 

C. Integrated and optimized IBM hardware, storage and software solution 

D. All the above 

Answer: D 



Certified P2090-027 questions pool:

Q7. When a DB2 database is created, which of following tablespaces is not created by default? 





Answer: D 


Q8. Which of the following is an appropriate distribution key? 

A. Columns with frequently updated values 

B. Columns with low cardinality 

C. Multiple columns to increase uniqueness 

D. None of the above 

Answer: D 


Q9. Which InfoSphere Warehouse feature does not help you to reduce storage costs? 

A. Multi-temperature Storage 

B. Row compression 

C. Database Partitioning 

D. Adaptive compression 

Answer: C 


Q10. Which statement about control flows is true? 

A. Control flows can be embedded in data flows. 

B. Control flows define the logical execution that is required to deploy data flows 

C. Control Flows are containers that sequences one or more warehouse applications. 

D. Control flows define the SQL-based data movement and transformation activities that run in a DB2 database. 

Answer: B 


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