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Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials
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2016 Sep 1Z0-520 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. ABC is a laptop manufacturing company. On an average, the company completes 10 discrete jobs daily. ABC has the following requirements: 

1. When the customer returns the laptop, ABC should be in a position to identify the laptop's manufacture date and batch number. 

2. Each laptop should be identified with a unique number and this should be tagged with the batch number. 

3. When a customer returns a laptop, ABC decides whether it can replace it with a new laptop or repair it, by considering the age of the laptop. 

ABC needs to identify the aging period of the laptop. Which setup would meet the above requirements? 

A. Using the discrete job form, the manufactured date and batch number can be identified. 

B. Enable lot and serial control at the organization item level. Enter the shelf life days in the item. 

C. Enable parent lot and child lots at the organization item level. Enter the shelf life days in the item. 

D. Enable parent lot and grade control at the organization item level. Enter the shelf life days in the item. 

E. Enable lot control at the organization item level. Set up uniqueness within inventory items in the organization parameters. 

Answer: B 

Q32. You receive a request to create a new menu. Instead of creating a new menu, you modify an existing menu and save It to a different User Menu Name. 

What happens after saving the menu with a different User Menu Name? 

A. There will be two menus. 

B. The original menu is disabled. 

C. The new menu will not contain any functions. 

D. The new menu will overwrite the original menu. 

Answer: D 

Q33. Identify four tasks that you can perform using Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose four.) 

A. Automate business processes. 

B. Generate account code combinations. 

C. Approve standard business documents 

D. Send notifications using Advanced Queuing. 

E. Generate inventory item numbers using item generator workflow. 

F. Integrate with third party business systems that are not on a company network. 

Answer: A,B,C,F 

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Q34. Identify two features of Oracle Workflow In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose two.) 

A. enhances data security 

B. helps you focus on managing individual business transactions 

C. has each activity in a workflow as a PL/SQL function or a notification or a subprocess 

D. can integrate business functions only between business processes within a single company 

E. can integrate business processes within an enterprise, as well as between different organizations and different systems 

Answer: C,E 

Q35. Min-max planning can be used . 

A. only at the subinventory level 

B. in place of MRP/MPS planning 

C. in Exponential Smoothing Forecast calculations 

D. in Economic Order Quantity(EOQ) calculations 

E. in Material Requirement Planning/Master Production Schedule (MRP/MPS) calculations 

Answer: B 

Q36. ACME is using cycle counting and the quantity variance approval tolerances are specified at the cycle count header level, cycle count Class level, and cycle count item level. When tolerances are set up at all the levels, which tolerance is considered first by Inventory? 

A. Unit cost level 

B. Subinventory level 

C. Cycle count item level 

D. Cycle count class level 

E. Cycle count header level 

Answer: C 


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Q37. Which three are true about the Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) proems? (Choose three) 

A. Invoice is always created for the supplier site. 

B. Invoice is always created In unapproved status, 

C. Invoice currency is always defaulted from the purchase order currency. 

D. Payment currency is always defaulted from the purchase order currency, 

E. Payment terms are always defaulted from the purchase order payment terms. 

F. Amount is always determined by multiplying the Quantity received by the purchase order item unit price. 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q38. Which two options would you use to restrict the functionality provided by a responsibility? (Choose two.) 

A. creating an appropriate role 

B. creating an appropriate group 

C. constructing a new menu hierarchy 

D. defining rules to exclude specific functions 

Answer: C,D 

Q39. If you have Purchasing as the only installed application, in which two tabs in the Financial Options window are you required to enter information? (Choose two.) 

A. Tax 

B. Accounting 

C. Encumbrance 

D. Human Resources 

E. Supplier-Purchasing 

Answer: B,E 

Q40. What are the three elements involved in submitting a concurrent request? (Choose three.) 

A. selecting Operating Unit 

B. selecting report language 

C. providing completion option 

D. defining a submission schedule 

E. selecting the request or request set to be submitted 

Answer: C,D,E 

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