1Z0-863 study guides(61 to 67) for IT engineers: Oct 2016 Edition

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2016 Oct 1Z0-863 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. Which three can an EJB-based endpoint use? (Choose three.) 

A. HTTP sessions 

B. Java EE 5 declarative security 

C. Java EE 5 programmatic security 

D. client-demarcated transactions 

E. container-managed transactions 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q62. A team of developers is describing a set of endpoints in their new SOA application. 

Given the WSDL extract: 

<service name="InventoryServices"> 

<port name="PurchaseOrder" binding="tns:POBinding"> 

<soap:address location=""/> 


<port name="Invoice" binding="tns:InvoiceBinding"> 

<soap:address location=""/> 



Which statement is true about this WSDL extract? 

A. The extract is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant because both port element names are different. 

B. The extract is NOT WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant because both port elements point to the same location. 

C. The extract is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant because both port elements point to different binding elements. 

D. The extract is NOT WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 compliant because it contains two port elements in the same service. 

E. The extract is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 conformant because both port element names are different. 

F. The extract is WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 conformant because the port, binding, and service element combinations are unique. 

Answer: B 

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Updated 1Z0-863 exam:

Q63. An engineer is studying the architecture of the JAXB implementation. What are three components in its design? (Choose three.) 

A. schema compiler B. built-in SAX parser C. schema generator D. built-in DOM parser 

E. binding runtime framework 

F. schema interpretor 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q64. A client sends a required SOAP header as a SOAP message. The server-side process determines that information in the header is invalid and generates a SOAP fault. What is the appropriate fault code for this type of SOAP fault? 

A. Client 

B. Server 

C. MustUnderstand 

D. VersionMismatch 

E. HeaderError 

F. InvalidHeader 

Answer: A 


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Q65. A developer new to Web services is researching how a client can connect to a service. It is clear that some models provide better abstraction while others offer more power when working with messages. What is the correct reason to choose the Dispatch interface? 

A. Dispatch is a high-level API that helps hide the complexity of XML. 

B. REST services can be consumed with the Dispatch API and XML/HTTP bindings. 

C. The Dispatch interface supports the use JAXP to bind data. 

D. The Dispatch interface is represented internally as a SOAP message. 

Answer: B 

Q66. A company is refactoring an existing website to use Web services clients. The application retrieves lists of parts and displays them to the users in a browser window. Previously, the data was stored as files on the web server and, in order to access the files, the user would simply click on a hyperlink. Now the data must be dynamically generated via a service that another developer has created. They want the easiest way to refactor their website to use Web services. Which three technologies should they use? (Choose three.) 



C. Javascript 



F. Java 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q67. Which Java type can be used to represent arbitrary XML data in a JAX-WS service endpoint interface? 

A. javax.xml.soap.SOAPNode 

B. javax.xml.soap.SOAPPart 

C. javax.xml.soap.SOAPElement 

D. javax.xml.soap.SOAPException 

E. javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage 

F. javax.xml.soap.Node 

Answer: C 

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