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Q61. An administrator suspects that the MTU value for a vSphere Standard Switch is


Which two commands can determine the value? (Choose two.)

A. esxcfg-vswitch -l

B. esxcli network vswitch standard list

C. esxcfg-vss -l

D. esxcli network standard vswitch list

Answer: A,B

Q62. When attempting to place a datastore in Maintenance Mode, the task remains at 1%. What are two potential causes for this? (Choose two.)

A. Storage DRS is disabled on one or more virtual machine(s) disk(s).

B. Storage DRS rules prevent migration recommendations for the disk.

C. Storage DRS datastores have insufficient space to accommodate failover.

D. Storage DRS provisioning network has been limited with I/O control policies.

Answer: A,B

Q63. An administrator is attempting to enable Legacy Fault Tolerance (FT) on a virtual machine and observes the following in the vSphere Web Client:

Fault Tolerance has not been licensed on host <hostname>.

What is the minimum licensed edition that supports this configuration?

A. Standard

B. Enterprise

C. Enterprise Plus

D. Essentials Plus

Answer: A

Q64. Which condition would cause a vCenter Server installation to fail when installing on a Windows virtual machine?

A. The virtual machine does not have at least four vCPUs.

B. The virtual machine is running Windows Server 2008.

C. The virtual machine has an E1000 network device.

D. The virtual machine does not have 16GB of RAM.

Answer: B

Q65. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator wishes to provide Load Balanced I/O for the device shown in the Exhibit. To meet this requirement, which setting should be changed?

A. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_NMP_RR

B. Path Selection Policy = Round Robin (VMware)

C. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_SATP_RR

D. Path Selection Policy = MRU (VMware)

Answer: B

Q66. An administrator is configuring virtual machines to use Worldwide Port Names (WWPNs) to access the storage.

Which two conditions are required? (Choose two.)

A. The switches in the fabric must be N-Port ID Virtualization aware.

B. The virtual machines must be using passthrough Raw Disk Mapping (RDMp).

C. The virtual machines must be using Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK).

D. The switches in the fabric must be Storage I/O Control aware.

Answer: A,B

Q67. An administrator is experiencing network connectivity issues between virtual machines. The virtual machines and hosts are configured as follows:

✑ VM1 is running on Host1

✑ VM2 is running on Host2

✑ Both Host1 and Host2 are attached to the vSphere Distributed Switch dvSwitch1

✑ Both Host1 and Host2 are using vmnic0 and vmnic1 on dvSwitch1

✑ Both virtual machines are using the default portgroup for network traffic

What are three settings the administrator should investigate while troubleshooting the connectivity issue? (Choose three.)

A. VLANs of the physical NICs

B. Failover order of the uplinks

C. Virtual NIC connectivity to the dvSwitch

D. Security policy of the portgroup

E. Traffic shaping on the portgroup

Answer: A,B,C

Q68. Which three logs can be reviewed to troubleshoot a vCenter Server upgrade failure? (Choose three.)

A. vminst.log

A. B. vim-vcs-msi.log

C. pkgmgr.log

D. vc-upgrade.log

E. firstboot.log

Answer: A,B,C

Q69. Refer to the Exhibit.

A vSphere 6.x DRS cluster is configured as shown in the Exhibit. Based on the exhibit, which statement is true?

A. A virtual machine can be powered on in the Web Resource Pool with a 3 GHz CPU Reservation.

B. A virtual machine can be powered on in the Web Resource Pool with a 4 GHz CPU Reservation.

A. C. A virtual machine can be powered on in the DB Resource Pool with a 3 GHz CPU Reservation.

D. A virtual machine can be powered on in the DB Resource Pool with a 4 GHz CPU Reservation.

Answer: C

Q70. Which two statements regarding Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) affinity rules are true? (Choose two.)

A. When two VM-VM affinity rules conflict, the older one takes precedence and the newer rule is disabled.

B. Using Specify Failover Hosts admission control policy, VM-VM affinity rules are not supported.

C. DRS gives higher precedence to preventing violations of anti-affinity rules than violations of affinity rules.

D. It is not possible to create an affinity rule that conflicts with the other rules being used.

Answer: A,C