300-207 training materials(41 to 50) for IT specialist: Apr 2017 Edition

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2017 Apr 300-207 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which Cisco Cloud Web Security Connector feature allows access by all of an organization's users while applying Active Directory group policies? 

A. a company authentication key 

B. a group authentication key 

C. a PAC file 

D. proxy forwarding 

E. a user authentication key 

Answer: A 

Q42. What three alert notification options are available in Cisco IntelliShield Alert Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. Alert Summary as Text 

B. Complete Alert as an HTML Attachment 

C. Complete Alert as HTML 

D. Complete Alert as RSS 

E. Alert Summary as Plain Text 

F. Alert Summary as MMS 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q43. What are three benefits of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution? (Choose three.) 

A. It can protect against command-injection and directory-traversal attacks. 

B. It provides Internet transport while maintaining corporate security policies. 

C. It provides secure remote access to managed computers. 

D. It provides clientless remote access to multiple network-based systems. 

E. It enforces security policies, regardless of the user location. 

F. It uses ACLs to determine best-route connections for clients in a secure environment. 

Answer: B,C,E 

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Q44. What is the authentication method for an encryption envelope that is set to medium security? 

A. The recipient must always enter a password, even if credentials are cached. 

B. A password is required, but cached credentials are permitted. 

C. The recipient must acknowledge the sensitivity of the message before it opens. 

D. The recipient can open the message without authentication. 

Answer: B 

Q45. What step is required to enable HTTPS Proxy on the Cisco Web Security Appliance? 

A. Web Security Manager HTTPS Proxy click Enable 

B. Security Services HTTPS Proxy click Enable 

C. HTTPS Proxy is enabled by default 

D. System Administration HTTPS Proxy click Enable 

Answer: B 

Q46. Which five system management and reporting protocols are supported by the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose five.) 

A. SNMPv2c 

B. SNMPv1 

C. SNMPv2 

D. SNMPv3 

E. syslog 



Answer: A,B,C,F,G 

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Q47. Which sensor deployment mode does Cisco recommend when interface capacity is limited and you need to increase sensor functionality? 

A. inline interface pair mode 

B. inline VLAN pair mode 

C. inline VLAN group mode 

D. VLAN group mode 

Answer: C 

Q48. Which Cisco technology prevents targeted malware attacks, provides data loss prevention and spam protection, and encrypts email? 


B. secure mobile access 

C. IPv6 DMZ web service 


Answer: D 

Q49. Which command sets the number of packets to log on a Cisco IPS sensor? 

A. ip-log-count number 

B. ip-log-packets number 

C. ip-log-bytes number 

D. ip-log number 

Answer: B 

Q50. Which IPS engine detects ARP spoofing? 

A. Atomic ARP Engine 

B. Service Generic Engine 

C. ARP Inspection Engine 

D. AIC Engine 

Answer: A