6 tips on How to HPE2-E64 Test Like a Badass [51 to 56]

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2016 Jul HPE2-E64 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Which sentence describes the features and benefits of HPE ProLiant DL servers? 

A. HPE ProLiant DL servers are flexible tower solutions that are an ideal, easy-to-manage, first server solution 

B. HPE ProLiant DL servers are serviceable rack-mounted solutions with a water-cooled design. 

C. HPE ProLiant DL severs are versatile rack-optimized solutions with a balance of efficiency, performance, and management 

D. HPE ProLiant DL servers are convertible tower solutions that are easy to manage and service 

Answer: C 

Q52. An SMB customer has purchased an HPE ProLiant DL360, which will be very important to their day-to-day operations and strategy implementation. Which HPE Foundation Care 

package should you recommend to this customer? 

A. Foundation Care 24×7 

B. Foundation Care Exchange 

C. Foundation Call to Repair 6hr CTR 

D. Foundation Care Next Business Day 

Answer: C 

HPE2-E64  exam answers

Most recent HPE2-E64 exam question:

Q53. Which HPE Tower server series is targeted at SMB customers? 

A. ProLiant ML 100 series 

B. Integrity BL 800c series 

C. ProLiant DL 500 series 

D. ProLiant SL 200 series 

Answer: A 

Q54. Which business need indicates that the customer is a good candidate for an HPE \\d with unified wired and wireless networks? 

A. need to maintain control over network access, but support additional user devices 

B. need to handle the increase of network traffic flowing between branch offices and the internet 

C. need to automate the deployment of testing and pre-production environments 

D. need to segment the wireless network from the wired network and from the storage network. 

Answer: D 

HPE2-E64  exam answers

Refined HPE2-E64 practice exam:

Q55. Which Aruba management solution is delivered as a cloud based, subscription service ? • Instant Local 

A. Aruba Central 

B. HPE Intelligent Management Center 

C. Aruba Airwave. 

Answer: A 

Q56. Which Bladesystem option provides additional benefits to SMB customers who also need a backup solution ? 

A. dashboard 

B. expansion cage 

C. • Virtual Connect 

D. internal tape storage blades 

Answer: C 

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