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Q1. You are planning to give a presentation on Microsoft Dynamics AX to your development team. What should you state as an advantage of creating and using labels?

A. decreases database references

B. provides multi-language and translation support

C. reduces the number of pointers

D. duplicates the value throughout the database

Answer: D

Q2. You have an array of integers with 10 elements.

You need to wnte X++ code to initialize this array with the values of 1 to 10, with the first element being 1, the second element 2, the last element 10.

Which code segment should you use to achieve this goal? 





A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Answer: D

Q3. You want to store the Shipment Type of all orders in a table named ShipmentDetails.

The Shipment Type needs to be a field that stores values for "Freight", "Ground", or "Air". You also need to ensure that the text that is displayed to users on forms is localized for the

shipment types and that the values in the database are independent of the language the user is utilizing.

What should you do?

A. Create an integer field for Shipment Type on the ShipmentDetail table. Write business logic to convert the integer field to text on forms.

B. Create a base enum for Shipment Type with the different shipment types as choices. Use this base enum as a field on the ShipmentDetails table.

C. Create a string field for Shipment Type on the ShipmentDetails table.

D. create an Extended Data Type (EDT) for Shipment Type that extends from string. Use this EDT on the Shipments table.

Answer: A

Q4. You have an X+ + class that has the following code: public class CustAdvancelnvoiceJourDP


private void insertCustVendAdvanceInvoiceJourTmp()


// do work


public void processReport()


// call InsertCustVendAdvancelnvoiceJourTmp



You need to call insertCustVendAdvancelnvoiceJourTmpO from the processReport method on the current instance of the object Which piece of code should you write within the processReport method to achieve this goal?

A. CustiAdvancelnvoiceJourDP newObj = new CustAdvanceInvoiceDourDP(); newObj.insertCustVendAdvanceInvoiceDourTmp();

B. CustAdvancelnvoiceDourDP.insertCustVendAdvancelnvoiceJourTmp();

C. CustAdvancelnvoiceDourOP: :insertCustVendAdvanceInvoiceDourTmp( ) ;

D. this.insertCustVendAdvanceInvoice3ourTmp();

Answer: A

Q5. You are developing a form that allows users to update an order status. You create a table named Tablel that you will use as a data source for this form.

You want to include a radio-button style selection so that the end user can choose between three different order statuses: "Canceled", "Delivered", "Processing".

What should you add to Table1 so that you can add the radio button selection to the form?

A. three different string fields that represent each order status

B. three different Extended Data Types (EDTs) of type string with each order status

C. a Boolean data type with values that represent each choice

D. a base enumeration with three elements that represent each order status

Answer: A

Q6. You need to delete multiple records from the CustTrans table that are not approved. Code execution efficiency is a factor since the table will contain millions of records. Additionally, the CustTrans table does not have any overridden methods.

Which X++ code segment should you use to achieve this goal?

A. delete from CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved ==NoYes :: No;

B. select firstonly CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved==NoYes::No; CustTrans.delete();

C. while select CustTrans where CustTrans.Approved==NoYes::No


CustTrans.delete() ;


D. select CustTrans where CustTrans-Approved == NoYes::No; CustTrans.dodelete();

Answer: A

Q7. You are writing a function "SumOflnt(n)" that returns the sum of numbers from 0 to n as shown in the following exhibit:

SumOflnt(l) = 0 + 1 = 1

SumOflnt(2) = 0+1 + 2 = 3 SumOflnt(n) = 0 + 1 + … (n-1) + n

The function prototype is the following: public static int SumOflnUint n)



Which two functions return the correct answer? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


public static int SumOflnt(int n)


int total = O; int i = O;


{ I++;

total = total + i;


while (i < n); return total;



public static int SumOfInt(int n)


int total = 0; int i = 0; while(i < n)


total = total + i; i + + ;


return total;



public static int SumOflnt(int n)


int total = 0; int i = O;


{ i++;

total = total + i;


while (i <= n); return total;



public static int SumOflnt(int n)


int total = 0; int i = 0; while(i <= n)


total = total + i; i + +;


return total;


Answer: B,C

Q8. You need to create menus in Microsoft Dynamics AX

In addition to the Menu hem type and Menu hem name, what are three other key property values? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Enum Type Parameter

B. Linked Permission Type

C. Configuration Key

D. Labels

E. Normal Image

Answer: A,B,C

Q9. You need to describe the current structure of Microsoft Dynamics AX security roles.

Which three statements are accurate regarding these roles? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A. Permissions can be edited from the Security Configuration form.

B. Roles are arranged by hierarchy.

C. Roles are segregated.

D. Roles are defined one time for all organizations.

E. Roles can be associated with human resource positions and automatically assigned.

Answer: B,C,D

Q10. You need to create a form with details from the master form style. This form needs to open in view mode with an Edit button so that it is editable.

Which property should you set at the form design level to achieve this behavior?

A. set Form.Design.Mode property to Edit' value

B. set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to ‘View' value

C. set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to ‘Edit' value

D. set Form.Design.ViewEditMode property to ‘Auto’Value

Answer: C