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2016 Dec 642-998 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. What are traits of a routing protocol used in a data center? (Choose two.) 

A. proprietary and secure 

B. fast route convergence 

C. support for ECMP 

D. support for LACP 

E. support for large hop limit 

Answer: BC

Q42. Which two terms relate to the capability of a physical NIC to present virtual NICs to the operating system or hypervisor? (Choose two.) 



C. Adapter-FEX 


E. host vPC 

F. NIC teaming 

Answer: CD

Q43. Which three features are part of Cisco DCNM for SAN Advanced Edition? (Choose three.) 

A. federation and VSAN scoping 

B. VM-aware discovery and path analysis 

C. fabric performance monitoring 

D. event lookup 

E. VSAN zoning 

Answer: ABC

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Abreast of the times cisco exam 642-998:

Q44. Which option is a recommended practice when migrating from an existing data center to a new data center? 

A. Assign multiple virtual servers per one high-performance server. 

B. Utilize the hypervisor tools available to ensure processor compatibility. 

C. Only migrate bare metal servers when transitioning from rack-mountable to blade servers. 

D. Utilize FabricPath across data centers to manage the migration. 

Answer: B

Q45. A customer is designing their new data center using Cisco UCS and they want to use the VM-FEX feature. Which statement about VM-FEX is true? 

A. VM-FEX is a VMware feature that allows management of the virtual network and configuration of virtual ports to be handled within Cisco UCS Manager. 

B. VM-FEX is a Cisco UCS feature that allows management of the virtual network and configuration of virtual ports, which can be handled within Cisco UCS Manager. 

C. VM-FEX requires additional licensing, which can be purchased through VMware. 

D. VM-FEX is supported only on B200 M3 blades. 

Answer: B

Q46. Which three items represent data center virtualization technologies? (Choose three.) 




D. L2 firewall 



Answer: ABC

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Breathing testking 642-998:

Q47. Which three features are included in Cisco Prime NAM for Cisco Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance? (Choose three.) 

A. packet capture 

B. packet decode 

C. filter and error scan 

D. configure virtual machine 

E. configure Cisco UCS Manager 

Answer: ABC

Q48. Which Cisco technology would you specify to provide your client's data center with context-aware identity validation and Layer 2 port authentication? 

A. Cisco Security Manager 

B. Cisco NAC Profiler 

C. Cisco TrustSec 

D. Cisco Anti-X 

E. Cisco Virtual Security Gateway 

Answer: C

Q49. Instructions:


* To access the multiple-choice questions, click on the numbered boxes on the left of the top panel. 

* There are four multiple-choice questions with this task. Be sure to answer all four questions before selecting the Next button.


While using the Microsoft Assessment and planning toolkit to design a new design you come up with these result from the tool. 

Answer the following questions from the content provided.

While using the Microsoft Assessment and planning toolkit, please answer the following question. How many computers were identified as candidates to be virtualized on Hyper-V? 

A. 1 

B. 5 

C. 11 

D. 14 

E. 22 

Answer: C

Q50. What is one example of a fully virtualized environment in the data center? 

A. Hadoop clusters 


C. vPC 


Answer: B

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