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2016 Aug 1Z0-434 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which three design considerations apply to an if-then rule? 

A. A rule function can be called. 

B. Aggregations such as count, max, and average can be used. 

C. A while loop can be employed. 

D. Fact object structures can be changed. 

E. A BPEL scope variable can be defined. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q42. Which two are correct statements about the Oracle Cloud Adapter for Salesforce.com? 

A. It uses either HTTP basic authentication or username token authentication to perform secure interaction with Salesforce.com. 

B. It can make both synchronous and asynchronous calls through the Salesforce.comSOAP API. 

C. Behind the scenes, it uses the SOAP API provided by Salesforce.com. 

D. The design-time tooling generates a WSDL that is different from the enterprise WSDL available from Salesforce.com. 

Answer: C 

Q43. The identity context is opaque to your web service client and web service and you don’t need to perform any additional coding or processing in your client or service to support it after you enable identity context propagation. 

Which Oracle SOA Suite component directly enables this behavior? 

A. Oracle Web Service Manager Policy Manager 

B. Oracle BPEL Process Manager 

C. Oracle Enterprise Manager 

D. Oracle User Messaging Service 

Answer: D 



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Q44. Which statement is correct about how if-then rules are processed during an inferencing session? 

A. Rules are evaluated in the order in which they were added to the ruleset. 

B. A particular rule can be fired only once in an inferencing session. 

C. The effective date set for a rule can take it out of consideration for evaluation. 

D. A priority setting of 1 will cause the rule to fire during each inferencing session. 

E. Rules with multiple IF conditions receive higher priority during evaluation. 

Answer: A 

Q45. To support invocation of a SOAP web service from BPEL, you import the WSDL of the web service into your SOA project. The local WSDL copy contains no partner link types.You create a partner link for the web service in the BPEL designer. 

How does JDeveloper ensure the request partner link types are provided? 

A. It automatically creates a wrapper WSDL to contain partner link types. 

B. It automatically injects the partner link types into the local WSDL copy. 

C. It prompts you to add the partner link types to the SOAP web service implementation. 

D. It prompts you to manually add the partner link types to the local WSDL copy. 

Answer: A 



Q46. Which statement accurately describes how to use SOA Suite to create a REST interface for a provider application that does not support REST? 

A. Oracle Service Bus must be used. An HTTP proxy service is created and a pipeline is added with a conditional branch for each HTTP verb that the interface will serve. If there is any non-XML payload, such as JSON, an external parser service must be used to translate it to XML. 

B. Use Oracle Service Bus or BPEL Process Manager and utilize the REST binding that is available for both. The RESTbinding will automatically translate a REST payload from JSON or XML to SOAP/XML for processing in the middleware layer. 

C. Use a BPEL process with a REST binding and utilize the nXSD activity to translate the native JSON payload to XML for processing. 

D. Use the HTTP transport in Oracle Service Bus for the REST interaction and use nXSD to translate the JSON payload to XML for processing. 

Answer: C 


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Q47. Your company wants to extend a number of in-house applications with the third-party service functionality. 

Identify two ways in which this can be accomplished using Oracle SOA Suite. 

A. by developing BPEL processes that orchestrate a number of third-party service calls to complete a new business activity. 

B. by developing ADF screen flows that percent unified viewsof the third-party service functionality to in-house portal users 

C. by developing RESTful web services that provide logic to enrich third-party service responses 

D. by developing mediators that handle last-mile transformation and routing of messages to and from third-party services 

Answer: A,B 



Q48. Oracle Adapters are deployed to the Oracle SOA Suite server. 

Which three SOA Suite components can use Oracle Adapters? 

A. BPEL Process 

B. Mediator 

C. Proxy Service 

D. Human Workflow 

E. Business Rule 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q49. Which statement is false about debugging SOA composites? 

A. You can run the debugger in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. 

B. You can debug on local as well as on remote servers. 

C. Breakpoints are the intentional pausing locations in a SOA composite application that you set for debugging purposes. 

D. If the composite is not already deployed in the current JDeveloper session, then JDeveloper will redeploy it. 

Answer: C 



Q50. Results catching has been configured on a business service. A previously cached result has been flushed from the cache. 

Which two events may have occurred? 

A. Result catching has been disabledfor the business service. 

B. The WSDL resource for the business service has been updated. 

C. The back-end service referenced by the endpoint URI has become unavailable. 

D. The back-end service has returned a different response for the cache key. 

Answer: B,D 



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