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Q71. By default, what value is voice traffic marked as on a Cisco Catalyst Switch? 

A. DSCP EF value 46, Cos 5. 

B. DSCP EF value 46, Cos 7. 

C. DSCP CAS6 value 21, Cos 3. 

D. DSCP AF21, Cos 5. 


Q72. If no SIP dial rules are configured on an IP phone, at which three points in the collection of digits does a Type A SIP phone send digits to the Cisco Unified Communications 

Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. when the interdigit timer expires 

B. when the collected digits match a SIP dial rule 

C. when the user presses the Dial softkey 

D. as each digit is collected (it is sent for analysis) 

E. when the user presses the # key 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q73. Which two options can a route pattern be assigned? (Choose two) 

A. A gateway that is assigned to a route group. 

B. A route list with one or more route groups configured. 

C. A gateway that is not assigned to a route group. 

D. A route list with no route groups configured. 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: Reference: 

Page 187 


Q74. Which option describes how you add software conference bridges to Cisco Unified CommunicationsManager? 

A. By adding a Cisco Unified CM server to the cluster. 

B. By adding a software conference bridge using Conference Bridge Configuration. 

C. By installing DSP to a Cisco Unified CM server. 

D. By reassigning other media resources to conference resources. 


Q75. If you have configured translation rules, what command do you use to verify digit manipulation? 

A. execute translation-rule 

B. show translation-rule 

C. test translation-rule 

D. debug translation-rule 

E. set translation-rule 



If you have configured translation rules, use the test translation-rule command to verify digitmanipulation. Page 136. 

Reference: pdf 

Q76. Which groups will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers that are set to use the <None> partition? 

A. Only users that have the <None> partition assigned in their calling search space will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

B. All users will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

C. The <None> partition will prevent all users from accessing the Meet-Me conference numbers. 

D. Any IP phones with their lines configured in the <None> partition will have access to the Meet-Me conference numbers. 


Q77. Refer to the exhibit. 

A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group is configured with the subscriber ( listed first and the publisher ( listed second. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager is used for incoming calls through an MGCP gateway? 

A. the publisher 

B. both the publisher and subscriber in a round-robin format 

C. the first server listed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager group list 

D. the subscriber 


Q78. Which three Cisco Unified Communications Manager settings can be used to support IP phone services? (Choose three.) 

A. Device Defaults 

B. Enterprise Parameters 

C. IP Phone Service Configuration window 

D. Common Phone Profile 

E. Service Parameters 

F. Phone Configuration window 

Answer: B,D,F