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2016 Sep 1Z0-516 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Which business flow is used for activities starting from product purchase to creating and closing service requests? 

A. Click to Order 

B. Campaign to Order 

C. Contract to Renewal 

D. Request to Resolution 

Answer: D

Q52. Identify four discount basis options available that define how Receivables calculates discounts. 

(Choose four.) 

A. Gross amount 

B. Freight amount 

C. Invoice amount 

D. Lines only amount 

E. Lines and tax amount 

F. Lines, freight, and tax amount 

Answer: CDEF

Q53. Your client has sales tax requirements that involve two types of sales tax. The first sales tax applies to all customers. The second sales tax is based on where the company ships the goods. All goods are taxable; however some customers who resell the goods are exempted from the second sales tax. Choose three applicable options to set up sales tax for your client. (Choose three.) 

A. Tax classification code for exempt tax 

B. Item exemptions for both sales taxes 

C. Customer exemptions for the first sales tax 

D. Customer tax exemptions for the second sales tax 

E. Tax group for the combination of the two tax classification codes 

Answer: ADE

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Q54. John is reviewing the clients draft training documents about the Order to Cash life cycle business processes. Identify four steps that are included in the Order-to-Cash life cycle. (Choose four.) 

A. Launching pick release 

B. Performing credit check 

C. Reconciling bank statements 

D. Running AutoInvoice to Receivables 

E. Generating the move order manually 

Answer: ABCD

Q55. Identify the table used to load procurement card transactions. 

A. AP_Card_Codes 

B. AP_Invoices_Interface 

C. AP_Invoice_Lines_Interface 

D. AP_Expense_Feed_Lines_All 

Answer: D

Q56. Which statement best describes stages in the credit review process? 

A. Initiating a credit review, data collection, data analysis, making and implementing the recommendations 

B. Defining a profile class, assigning it to customers, setting up the scoring model, and starting the workflow background process 

C. Manually reviewing customers' past billing and payment history, initiating discussions with customers, and implementing recommendations 

D. Manually initiating a review by sending out mails to customers requesting information, reviewing and making recommendations, and implementing recommendations after approval 

Answer: A

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Refined 1Z0-516 questions:

Q57. Which item CANNOT be queried in the Find Consolidation Process window? 

A. Parent Calendar 

B. Parent Set of Books 

C. Consolidation Status 

D. Parent Period 

E. Elimination Sets 

F. Mapping Sets 

G. Balance Type 

Answer: A

Q58. AutoLockbox execution employs a multistep process. These steps can be submitted individually or at the same time from the Submit Lockbox Processing window. Identify the correct sequential combination of steps that are executed while running the AutoLockbox concurrent process in Oracle Receivables. 

A. Enter receipts, validate data, apply QuickCash 

B. Import bank file, validate data, post QuickCash 

C. Import bank file, enter receipts, validate QuickCash 

D. Enter receipts, import bank file, validate data, post quickcash 

E. Enter receipts, import bank file, validate data, post QuickCash, apply receipts 

Answer: B

Q59. During the cutover phase of a project to implement Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, you are responsible for converting historical account balances into Oracle General Ledger from a legacy system. There is no Account Code Combination setup in the Production Instance. Identify the setup in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure that is required to perform this conversion. 

A. Define Value Sets and assign them to Segments. 

B. Define Segments in the Accounting Flexfield structure. 

C. Qualify one of the Segments as the Balancing Segment. 

D. The Key Flexfield Segments have to be enabled and displayed. 

E. Select the "Allow Dynamic Inserts" check box in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure. 

Answer: E

Q60. Identify the three applications that create invoices into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.) 

A. Oracle Loans 

B. Oracle Projects 

C. Oracle Shipping 

D. Oracle Cash Management 

E. Oracle Lease Management 

Answer: ABE

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