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Q131. A user frequently travels with a Windows laptop and connects to several wireless networks. At a new location, the user reports that the locally shared printers are not available on the wireless connection. Which of the following would be causing the issue? 

A. The location profile is set to public. 

B. Workgroup is disabled. 

C. The proxy settings are misconfigured. 

D. Remote assistance is not configured. 


Q132. Ann, a customer, reports that when she occasionally works in the office basement, her smartphone battery drains faster than normal and she has poor cellular reception. Which of the following is the reason for the fast battery drain? 

A. Unpaired Bluetooth 

B. Weak signal 

C. Defective SD card 

D. Malware 


Q133. On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network traffic for filtering or monitoring? 

A. Content Advisor 

B. Proxy Settings 

C. Network Drive Mapping 

D. Local Security Policy 


Q134. Ann, a user, has a phablet for personal and work usage. She finds that her phablet starts to exhibit slow performance after a couple of hours and that the problem worsens as the day goes by. If Ann restarts the device, it works fine for a couple of hours and then starts to run slow again. Which of the following is the BEST action to troubleshoot this problem? 

A. Check running apps 

B. Reset to factory default 

C. Disable cloud syncing 

D. Replace the device’s battery 


Q135. A user reports several technicians have been unable to solve a problem and requests that the technician on the phone comes out to fix the problem because the user is unable to work. After the technician has effectively communicated a willingness to help, which of the following is the NEXT step? 

A. Allow the user to speak with a supervisor. 

B. Identify the problem. 

C. Establish a theory. 

D. Immediately go to the user’s office. 


Q136. Which of the following tools is used to type or paste recovery commands directly into a Linux box? 

A. Shell/terminal 

B. Backup/time machine 

C. Command/cmd 

D. Restore/snapshot 


Q137. A user reports unexpected icons appearing on the desktop. The technician identifies that the symptoms point to a malware infection. Which of the following procedures would be performed NEXT? 

A. Quarantine infected system 

B. Schedule scans and run updates 

C. Report the issue to the information security officer 

D. Disable System Restore (in Windows) 

E. Educate end user 


Q138. A user has installed a legacy application in Windows 7 and reports that only some of the functionality in it is operational. Another user is using the same application on a different Windows 7 machine and doesn’t report those problems. Which of the following features in Windows 7 may be responsible for this problem? 

A. System Protection settings 

B. User Account Control 

C. Action Center 

D. Data Execution Prevention 


Q139. A technician is tasked to change the number of CPU cores available to the OS to enhance productivity. Which of the following tools would allow the technician to perform this task? 

A. msconfig 

B. perfmon 

C. taskmgr 

D. dxdiag 


Q140. A Google account on an Android device by default will synchronize to which of the following locations? 

A. Cloud 


C. PC desktop 

D. MicroSD