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2016 Jun PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q411. Which Define Activities output extends the description of the activity by identifying the multiple components associated with each activity? 

A. Project document updates 

B. Activity list 

C. Activity attributes 

D. Project calendars 

Answer: C 

Q412. Which tool or technique is used in the Perform Integrated Change Control process? 

A. Decomposition 

B. Modeling techniques 

C. Resource optimization 

D. Meetings 

Answer: D 

Q413. A given schedule activity is most likely to last four weeks. In a best-case scenario, the 

schedule activity is estimated to last two weeks. In a worst-case scenario, the schedule activity is estimated to last 12 weeks. Given these three estimates, what is the expected duration of the activity? 

A. Three weeks 

B. Four weeks 

C. Five weeks 

D. Six weeks 

Answer: C 

PMI-001  exam answers

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Q414. In which process group is the scope first defined? 

A. Initiating 

B. Planning 

C. Executing 

D. Controlling 

Answer: A 

Q415. Which Process Group and Knowledge Area include the Sequence Activities process? 

A. Executing Process Group and Project Time Management 

B. Executing Process Group and Project Cost Management 

C. Planning Process Group and Project Time Management 

D. Planning Process Group and Project Cost Management 

Answer: C 

Q416. Which tool or technique used in the Control Procurements process can be conducted during the execution of the project to verify compliance with deliverables? 

A. Procurement documents 

B. Inspection and audits 

C. Estimate budget 

D. Risk register 

Answer: B 

PMI-001  exam answers

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Q417. What is the name of a graphic display of project team members and their reporting relationships? 

A. Role dependencies chart 

B. Reporting flow diagram 

C. Project organization chart 

D. Project team structure diagram 

Answer: C 

Q418. When addressing roles and responsibilities,which item ensures that the staff has the skills required to complete project activities? 

A. Authority 

B. Role 

C. Competency 

D. Responsibility 

Answer: C 

Q419. Ensuring that both parties meet contractual obligations and that their own legal rights are protected is a function of: 

A. Conduct Procurements. 

B. Close Procurements. 

C. Administer Procurements, 

D. Plan Procurements. 

Answer: C 

Q420. Stakeholder management strategy is an output of: 

A. Plan Communications. 

B. Distribute Information. 

C. Report Performance. 

D. Identify Stakeholders. 

Answer: D 

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