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2016 Sep 350-018 Study Guide Questions:

Q271. Which three statements about the TACACS protocol are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. TACACS+ is an IETF standard protocol. 

B. TACACS+ uses TCP port 47 by default. 

C. TACACS+ is considered to be.more secure than the RADIUS protocol. 

D. TACACS+ can support authorization and accounting while having another separate authentication solution. 

E. TACACS+ only encrypts the.password of the.user.for security. 

F. TACACS+ supports per-user or per-group for authorization of router commands. 

Answer: CDF 

Q272. Which three statements about the IANA are true? (Choose three.) 

A. IANA is a department that is operated by the IETF. 

B. IANA oversees global IP address allocation. 

C. IANA managed the root zone in the DNS. 

D. IANA is administered by the ICANN. 

E. IANA defines URI schemes for use on the Internet. 

Answer: BCD 

Q273. crypto gdoi group gdoi_group identity number 1234 server local sa receive-only sa ipsec 1 profile gdoi-p match address ipv4 120 

Which statement about the above configuration is true? 

A. The key server instructs the DMVPN spoke to install SAs outbound only. 

B. The key server instructs the GDOI group to install SAs inbound only. 

C. The key server instructs the DMVPN hub to install SAs outbound only. 

D. The key server instructs the GDOI spoke to install SAs inbound only. 

Answer: B 

350-018  exam question

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Q274. Which four attributes are identified in an X.509v3 basic certificate field? (Choose four.) 

A. key usage 

B. certificate serial number 

C. issuer 

D. subject name 

E. signature algorithm identifier 

F. CRL distribution points 

G. subject alt name 

Answer: BCDE 

Q275. Which option explains the passive scan technique that is used by wireless clients to discover available wireless networks? 

A. listening for access point beacons that contain available wireless networks 

B. sending a null probe request 

C. sending a null association request 

D. listening for access point probe response frames that contain available wireless networks 

Answer: A 

Q276. Which statement is true about IKEv2 and IKEv1? 

A. IKEv2 can be configured to use EAP, but IKEv1 cannot. 

B. IKEv2 can be configured to use AES encryption, but IKEv1 cannot. 

C. IKEv2 can be configured to interoperate with IKEv1 on the other end. 

D. IKEv2 consumes more bandwidth than IKEv1. 

Answer: A 

350-018  exam question

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Q277. Which layer of the OSI model is referenced when utilizing http inspection on the Cisco ASA to filter Instant Messaging or Peer to Peer networks with the Modular Policy Framework? 

A. application layer 

B. presentation layer 

C. network layer 

D. transport layer 

Answer: A 

Q278. Which domain is used for a reverse lookup of IPv4 addresses? 





Answer: A 

Q279. Which three statements are true regarding the EIGRP update message? (Choose three.) 

A. Updates require an acknowledgement with an ACK message. 

B. Updates can be sent to the multicast address 

C. Updates are sent as unicasts when they are retransmitted. 

D. Updates always include all routes known by the router with partial updates sent in the Reply message. 

E. ACKs for updates are handled by TCP mechanisms. 

Answer: ABC 

Q280. Which configuration option will correctly process network authentication and authorization using both 802.1X and MAB on a single port? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: A 

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