Aug 2016 updated: Actualtests Oracle 1Z0-517 exam answers 91-100

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2016 Aug 1Z0-517 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Suppliers play an important part in the Procure-to-Pay process. Select three activities that you must perform using a supplier. (Choose three.)

A. You receive goods or services from suppliers.

B. You need supplier information for entering purchase orders.

C. You must pay the supplier for the goods or services purchased.

D. You need a supplier as the criterion to search for a payment in the system.

E. You need a supplier as the criterion to search for purchase orders in the system.

Answer: ABC

Q92. Identify the different types of data that can be processed using the GL Interface. (Choose three.)

A. rates

B. budget

C. vendors

D. statistical

E. intercompany

F. currency codes

Answer: BDE

Q93. Jane, the GL accountant, asks you whether she could delete the budget after it has been defined.

She also wants to know whether she could delete the budget organization after it has been defined. What would be your response?

A. You can delete the budget and the budget organization after they have been defined.

B. You cannot delete the budget or the budget organization after either has been defined.

C. You cannot delete a budget after it has been defined. However, you can delete a budget organization.

D. You cannot delete a budget organization after it has been defined. However, you can delete a budget.

Answer: C

1Z0-517  study guide

Down to date 1Z0-517 test engine:

Q94. Identify three true statements about the invoice approval workflow. (Choose three.)

A. If an approver rejects the invoice, the Workflow program ends.

B. If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, Workflow routes the invoice back to the originator.

C. If an approver does not respond within the time you specify, then Workflow requests approval from that person's manager.

D. If an approver approves the invoice, the invoice goes to the next person in the approver list until all required people approve the invoice.

E. If the invoice amount is changed after the invoice is already submitted to the approval process or after the process is complete, the system does not automatically resubmit the invoice for approval.

Answer: ACD

Q95. Which event reverses an accrual for an item set to accrue on receipt?

A. paying an invoice

B. delivering goods to a final destination

C. running the Receipt Accruals – Period-end process

D. matching an invoice in Payables to a purchase order

Answer: D

Q96. Select two actions available in Oracle General Ledger. (Choose two.)

A. deleting posted journals

B. exporting data to subsidiary ledgers

C. importing data from subsidiary ledgers

D. consolidating balances in subsidiary ledgers

E. consolidating balances from multiple ledgers

Answer: CE

1Z0-517  study guide

High value 1Z0-517 study guides:

Q97. Your client is closing its first period. The client completed the accounting cycle for each of the subsidiary books. Its staff has called you to troubleshoot its process because the consolidation did not produce any data. Select two steps that you would perform to identify the error. (Choose two.)

A. Review the workflow process.

B. Evaluate the mapping settings.

C. Review the GL_Interface tables.

D. Confirm the account hierarchy setups.

E. Run the period close by using a different amount type.

Answer: BC

Q98. Which three events would cause accounting to be generated when the payables accounting process is run? (Choose three.)

A. Paying an invoice

B. Validating an invoice

C. Entering an purchase order

D. Clearing a payment with Cash Management

E. Delivering goods to a final destination when accruing receipts at period end

Answer: ABD

Q99. ABC Corporation has closed their APR-XX accounting period. The APR-XX period started on 27- MAR-20XX and ended on 26-APR-20XX. To ensure that all accounting from APR-XX has been sent to General Ledger, they must run two Trial Balance Reports, the Posted Invoice Register, and the Posted Payment Register. What dates must be used to run Accounts Payable Trial Balance Reports?

A. one run for 26-MAR-20XX and one for 26-APR-20XX

B. one run for 01-APR-20XX and one for 30-APR-20XX

C. one run for 27-MAR-20XX and one for 26-APR-20XX

D. one run for 31-MAR-20XX and one for 30-APR-20XX

Answer: A

Q100. Identify three ways in which subledgers transfer information to General Ledger. (Choose three.)

A. balances

B. batch transfer

C. detail journals

D. line-level records

E. summary journals

Answer: BCE

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