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Q11. Role hierarchy should normally mimic the org structure.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


If a user is deactivated what happens to their Chatter settings?

Answer: If Chatter is enabled and a user is deactivated, the user is removed from Following and Followers lists.


Reps only entering opportunities after the closed/won stage – how to change this behavior (choose 2 answers:)

A. Remove stages& fields that are not critical

B. Create opportunity stage report

C. User adoption dashboard

D. Workflow rule to alert sales manager when opportunity stage changes

Answer: AC


How are currencies shown in reports?

Answer: Amounts in reports are shown in their original currencies, but can be displayed in any active currency. You can change the currency used for report totals by selecting a currency from Show > Currencies. The default value for the drop-down is your personal currency. Forany amount, you can also choose to display the Converted column.


What is a forecast?

Answer: A forecast is a projection expressed in aggregate dollar amounts, units of a product family or both.

Q16. Which of the following statements are true about an end user's forecast? (Select all that apply)

A. Is updated in the system every evening at 5 pm

B. This aggregate can be dollars of revenue

C. This aggregate can be units of products

D. This aggregate can be both dollars or revenue and units of products

E. Rolls up according to the forecast hierarchy

Answer: BCDE

Q17. Which of the following descriptions best describe Quotes?

A. A tool for extending pricing proposals to customers

B. A content management tool for users who seek information

C. A library that allows access to documents

D. A collaboration tool

E. A data enrichment tool that maintains updated data

Answer: A


What are the key benefits of Territory Management?

Answer: The ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model Provide support for complex and frequently changed sales organization structures Provide support for transferring users between territories, with the option to retainopportunitiesEnablemultiple forecasts per user,based on territory membership Enable territory-based sales reports


How do you ensure that products can’t be removed from an opportunity after it reaches a certain stage? Choose 2 answers:

A. Validation rule on opportunity product

B. Enable audit trail

C. Update record type & page layout to remove ability to add product

D. Validationrule to ensure rollup summary field on opportunity doesn’t change

Answer: AD


Answer: 1. Users can view and respond to approvals as Chatter posts through email notifications 2. Users can view and respond to approvals asChatter posts within their Chatter feeds