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Q131. Which of the following explains why record destruction requirements are included in a data retention policy? 

A. To comply with legal and business requirements 

B. To save cost for storage and backup 

C. To meet destruction.guidelines 

D. To validate data ownership 



Order the below steps to create an effective vulnerability management process. 


Q133. Which of the following statements is TRUE for point-to-point microwave transmissions? 

A. They are not subject to interception due to encryption. 

B. Interception only depends on signal strength. 

C. They are too highly multiplexed for meaningful interception. 

D. They are subject to interception by an antenna within proximity. 


Q134. Which of the following BEST describes a rogue Access Point (AP)? 

A. An AP that is not protected by a firewall 

B. An.AP not configured to use Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) with Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (3DES) 

C. An.AP connected to the wired infrastructure but not under the management of authorized network administrators 

D. An.AP infected by any kind of Trojan or Malware 


Q135. Which of the following is a limitation of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) as it relates to conducting code review? 

A. It has normalized severity ratings. 

B. It has many worksheets and practices to implement. 

C. It aims to calculate the risk of published vulnerabilities. 

D. It requires a robust risk management framework to be put in place. 


Q136. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization has hired an information security officer to lead their security department. The officer has adequate people resources but is lacking the other necessary components to have an effective security program. There are numerous initiatives requiring security involvement. 

The security program can be considered effective when 

A. vulnerabilities are proactively identified. 

B. audits are regularly performed and reviewed. 

C. backups are regularly performed and validated. 

D. risk is lowered to an acceptable level. 


Q137. What is the ultimate objective of information classification? 

A. To assign responsibility for mitigating the risk to vulnerable systems 

B. To ensure that information assets receive an appropriate level of protection 

C. To recognize that the value of any item of information may change over time 

D. To recognize the optimal number of classification categories and the benefits to be gained from their use 


Q138. What is an important characteristic of Role Based Access Control (RBAC)? 

A. Supports Mandatory Access Control (MAC) 

B. Simplifies the management of access rights 

C. Relies on rotation of duties 

D. Requires.two factor authentication 


Q139. What is the MOST critical factor to achieve the goals of a security program? 

A. Capabilities of security resources 

B. Executive management support 

C. Effectiveness of security management 

D. Budget approved for security resources 


Q140. What is the FIRST step in developing a security test and its evaluation? 

A. Determine testing methods 

B. Develop testing procedures 

C. Identify all applicable security requirements 

D. Identify people, processes, and products not in compliance