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Q101. A service provider has a Resilient Ethernet Protocol ring running as a metro backbone between its locations in one city. A customer wants to connect one site with one box redundant to theResilient Ethernet Protocol ring at two different service provider locations. How can this be done without producing any Layer 2 loops within the network design? 

A. Spanning tree at the service provider side only must be enabled. 

B. Spanning tree at the customer side only must be enabled. 

C. Flex Links at the service provider side only must be enabled. 

D. Flex Links at the customer side only must be enabled. 

E. EtherChannel at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 

F. Spanning tree at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 

G. Flex Links at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled. 


Q102. Refer to the exhibit. 

When designing an MPLS-based LAN extension between DC-1 and DC-2, what are three advantages of deploying VSS? (Choose three.) 

A. Layers 2, 3, and 4 flow-based load balancing 

B. native VSS and MEC failover without using scripts 

C. sub-second failover 

D. required to configure VPLS 

E. failover time depends on Cisco IOS EEM and STP convergence 

F. limited VLAN-based VPLS traffic hashing 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q103. What are two functions of an NSSA in an OSPF network design? (Choose two.) 

A. It overcomes issues with suboptimal routing when there are multiple exit points from the area. 

B. It allows ASBRs to inject external routing information into the area. 

C. An ASBR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area. 

D. An ABR advertises Type 7 LSAs into the area. 

E. It uses opaque LSAs. 

Answer: BC 

Q104. Which restriction prevents a designer from using a GDOI-based VPN to secure traffic that traverses the Internet? 

A. Enterprise host IP addresses are typically not routable. 

B. GDOI is less secure than traditional IPsec. 

C. Network address translation functions interfere with tunnel header preservation. 

D. The use of public addresses is not supported with GDOI. 


Q105. If a network design must support rapid convergence on half-duplex interfaces, which IEEE 802.1w capability should be used? 

A. root guard 

B. proposal-agreement handshake 

C. loop guard 

D. UplinkFast 


Q106. The network administrator of a branch office network has decided to deploy Unicast RPF at the access layer. He insists that the design must guarantee that all the packets arriving on the router interfaces are assigned to the same interface subnet. 

Which mode of Unicast RPF would you recommend as the lead network designer? 

A. uRPF strict mode 

B. uRPF loose mode 

C. uRPF VRF mode 

D. RPF feasible mode 


Q107. A many-to-many enterprise messaging application is using multicast as a transport mechanism. As part of the network design for this application, which multicast address should be used, according to best practices outlined in RFC 2365? 






Q108. ACME Corporation is deploying a new HR application that requires the network infrastructure to monitor and react to certain conditions in the network. Which feature should be used to meet this design requirement? 

A. Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager 


C. reflexive ACLs 

D. route maps 


F. exit status 


Q109. What is a key benefit of a layered network design? 

A. cost savings 

B. increased security 

C. increased flexibility 

D. decreased broadcast 


Q110. As part of a new network design, you are helping the Network Management Team to develop a proactive report to identify places in the network where problems may happen. The network management tool can poll the network devices only via SNMP GET operations. Which two threshold-crossing metrics should you include in this report? (Choose two.) 

A. packet loss 

B. CPU utilization 

C. heat dissipation 

D. IP reachability 

E. energy consumption 

F. link bandwidth utilization 

Answer: BF