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Can you capture currency amount information through web to leador web to case?

Answer: Yes. Add the Lead Currency or Case Currency fields when generating the HTML form. This will ensure the currency amount is capturedand not converted to the corporate currency.

Q102. A Campaign Call-Down report justifies the spend on programs; helps to know who to target for future campaigns; shows the relations to sales data, lead data, and analysis of campaigns; and reflects how customer community interacts and how it affects sales. Who would benefit most from the idea that this report helps to know who totarget for future campaigns?

A. VP Marketing

B. BI/Analytics

C. Marketing Executive

D. Campaign Manager

Answer: D

Q103. Sales Rep Phil Smith has an opportunity for $50,000 in the Commitstage. Which aggregates on Phil's forecast will include this amount?(Select all that apply)

A. Pipeline

B. Best Case

C. Commit

D. Closed

Answer: ABC


Saving a custom report will save a snapshot of that data at a moment in time. True or False?

Answer: False. When saving a custom report you

Q105. You can track only Assets sold by your company.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B


How do you automatically update the mailing address of all contactrecords when a billing address on an account record is changed?

Answer: Create a trigger on accounts.


Multiple quotes on an opportunity – how to sync them.

Answer: Know the ‘Start Sync’ button on opportunity & the ‘Syncing’ message on quotes

Q108. Which best describes the Salesforce Automation feature "Activities"?

A. Ensures that we are tracking our progress towards the desiredstates.

B. Enforces the business process.

C. Identifies key stakeholders from the buy side.

D. Makes sure we recognize those involved in the sales process.

E. Allows to better automate the sales methodology.

F. Determines the sales stages of an organization.

Answer: A


You are viewing a chart that displays points connected across a range that represent individual data measurements. What type of chart is this?

Answer: A Line chart.


Person Accounts can have all of the fields found in business accounts Except:

Answer: Reports To Parent Account View Hierarchy