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2016 Sep 1z0-485 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. Which two statements are true about CellCLI? 

A. Using a CellCLI command, you can change the SNMP subscribers or add multiple SNMP subscribers. 

B. Using CellCLI, you can stop and start the ASM instances that are using the grid disks on the Exadata storage cell. 

C. With a simple CellCLI command, you can synchronize changes to all the storage cells in the Exadata realm. 

D. Using a CellCLI command, you can see whether grid disks are being used by ASM or not. 

E. You cannot use CellCLI to gather the serial numbers of physical disks. 

Answer: BD 

Q22. The mpstat output from OS Watcher shows a database node as being90%idle on an average.Whatwould you do to get a full picture of CPU utilization on the entire Exadata RAC cluster? 

A. Average the mpstat id1 output from all the nodes. 

B. Ask application users if they have noticed a slowdown in screen response. 

C. Look for an increase in batch job servicing times. 

D. A & B above 

Answer: A 

Q23. What are two choices that a customer must make that impact diskgroup creation? 

A. What is the level of redundancy required? 

B. What OS will be run? 

C. Where will disk backups be written? 

D. How many databases will run on the cluster? 

Answer: AB 

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Q24. Which two statements are true about enabling write-back flash cache? 

A. When enabling write-back flash cache in a non rolling manner, it is important to ensure that asmdeactivatonoutcome is set to YES and asmModestatus is set to ONLINE for all grid disks. 

B. Before using write-back flash cache, you need to verify the minimum required versions. 

C. Before write back-flash cache is enabled, you need to drop the Flash Cache first. 

D. The setting flashCacheMode should be set to writeback by updating cellinit.ora and restarting cellsrv. 

E. When enabling write-back flash cache in a rolling manner, dcli should be used to inactivate the grid disks on all cells first. 

Answer: BC 

Q25. You are asked to enable Write Back Flash Cache for one of your customers X3-2 Full Rack in a rolling fashion. Put the following steps in the right order: 

A) Set flashCacheMode to writeback. 

B) Inactivate all grid disks and shut down cellsrv. 

C) Drop the Flash Cache. 

D) Verify that cell for flashcacheMode is writeback. 

E) Create the Flash Cache. 

F) Start up cellsrv and activate all grid disks. 

G) Check grdidksk asmdeactivationoutcome and asmmodestatus for all grid disks to ensure that all grid disks on all cells are set to Yes and online, respectively. 

A. G. B, C, A, F, E, D, and G 

B. G, A, B, C, F, E, D,and G 

C. G, C, B, A, F, E, D, and G 

D. G, E,C, B, F, A, D,and G 

Answer: C 

Q26. Identify three best practices for applying asmdeactivationoutcome es on Exadata Database Servers and ExadataStorage Servers? 

A. Backing up database servers and storage cells is not recommended before performing planned maintenance. 

B. Database server updates can be rolled back using the the “yum downgrade" procedure. 

C. Bundle patches do not require testing before being installed on a production system. 

D. It is recommended that Exadata systems with Data Guard configured use the "Standby First" patching approach. 

E. Patching should never be interrupted due to a connection drop. It is therefore recommended that you use VNC or the screen utility. 

F. Before patching cells in a rolling manner, you must check asmdeactivationoutcome amModestatus and make sure that cells on all disks are online and that disks can be deactivated. 

Answer: DEF 


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Q27. Which two DML operations will add rows compressed by Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) to a table that is created to use HCC? 


B. insert with an append hint 



Answer: BD 

Q28. Which two statements describe correct network configuration for Exadata Database Machine? 

A. The InfiniBand network subnet manager runs on all database servers to achieve High Availability. 

B. Oracle Clusterware communication is configured to use the management network. 

C. The InfiniBand network interfaces on Linux servers are configured using active-passive bonding. 

D. Database connections to the SCAN listener route through the Ethernet switch in the Exadata rack. 

E. Database servers are deployed with three logical network interfaces configured: management, client access, and private. 

Answer: CE 

Q29. Which two migration will result in the least down time for a physical or logical migration of a database with active users during the migration? 

A. using GoldenGate 

B. using SQL Developer migration tools 

C. using Data Guard Physical Standby 

D. using cross-platform transportable tablespaces 

E. using incremental cross-platform RMAN restore 

Answer: AE 

Q30. Consider this CellCLI command: 


Which two statements describe what happens when you execute this command? 

A. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on the first available cell hard disk. 

B. It creates one 423 GB grid disk on each available cell hard disk. 

C. It creates grid disks on the outermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

D. It creates grid disks on the innermost 423 GB that is available on each hard disk. 

E. It creates an Exadata Smart Flash Cache on all flash drives. 

Answer: BC 

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