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2016 Jul 1Z0-877 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. The / file system of one of your CAD users keeps filling up when printing. After investigation, you discover the 36 gigabtye disk is partitioned as follows: 

/ 15 Gigabyte swap 1 Gigabyte /export/home 20 Gigabyte Which action would you take to prevent the / file system from filling up? 

A. Increase the space available to swap. 

B. Reconfigure the system so /usr is a separate file system. 

C. Reconfigure the system so /opt is a separate file system. 

D. Reconfigure the system so /var is a separate file system. 

Answer: D 

Q42. You want to create a copy of an active ZFS file system named dbase. When listing the information on the file system, the following information is displayed: 


files/dbase 24.5K 72.8G 24.5K /data/dbase 

data/dbase@bckup_dbase 0 – 24.5K –

Rather than unmount the file system, back it up and transfer the data to a second file system, you want to create a point in time snapshot of the current dbase file system and copy that snapshot. Based on the information displayed above, which answer describes the steps necessary to complete this process? 

A. zfs snapshot data/dbase@ bckup_dbase zfs clone data/dbase@bckup_dbase data/clone_dbase 

B. fssnap -F ufs -o bs=/var/tmp /data/dbase /dev/fssnap/0 mount -r ro /dev/fssnap/0 /data/clone_dbase zfs clone /data/dbase data/clone_dbase 

C. zfs clone data/dbase@bckup_dbase data/clone_dbase 

D. zfs clone data/dbase data/clone_dbase 

Answer: C 

Q43. A disk has been returned from the accounts department for reformatting using their predefined disk layout. Which two commands in the partition sub-menu will load the predefined table and commit it to the disk? (Choose two.) 

A. label B. name C. choose D. modify E. select 

Answer: A,E 

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Q44. The security policy of your company dictates that root logins are only allowed on the console of a system. Which variable should be set? 

A. CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/login 

B. CONSOLE=yes in /etc/default/su 

C. CONSOLE=yes in /etc/default/login 

D. CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/su 

Answer: A 

Q45. A file system needs to be backed up without disrupting the service to the users. You decide to create a snapshot of the file system in question, so that the file system does not have to be unmounted. 

Which step should you take first before creating the snapshot? 

A. remove all old snapshots 

B. locate sufficient backing-store space 

C. insert an empty tape in the tape drive 

D. put the system in single-user mode 

Answer: B 

Q46. On a SPARC based system two device aliases named bootdisk01 and bootdisk02 have been created. These aliases allow the boot system to boot from two different disks, and currently bootdisk01 is used by default. Which Solaris command amends the boot-device parameter to cause the system to boot from bootdisk02 by default? 

A. eeprom boot-device=bootdisk02 

B. eeprom boot-device bootdisk02 

C. setenv boot-device=bootdisk02 

D. setenv boot-device bootdisk02 

Answer: A 


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Q47. In which two conditions is it NOT possible to perform a snapshot of a file system? (Choose two.) 

A. The file system is in use by system accounting. 

B. The file system is a multi-terabyte file system. 

C. The file system is used as backing store by real-time applications. 

D. The backing store file is located on a different file system from the source file system. 

Answer: A,C 

Q48. You need to change the hostname and IP address of a server.  Without manually editing all of the required files, which command can be run to restore a system configuration to an unconfigured state, ready to be reconfigured again restore a system configuration to an unconfigured state, ready to be reconfigured again? 

A. /usr/sbin/sys-unconfig 

B. /usr/sbin/unconfig 

C. /sbin/ipconfig 

D. /usr/sbin/set_parms initial 

Answer: A 

Q49. You have been requested to supply a list of the Solaris software cluster groups for a project. Which command produces the required information? 

A. cat /etc/cluster 

B. cat /var/sadm/install_data 

C. grep METACLUSTER /etc/release 

D. cat /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER 

E. grep METACLUSTER /var/sadm/system/admin/.clustertoc 

Answer: E 

Q50. Given: # svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/single-user:default Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. This system will boot to run level 3 at next boot. 

B. This system will boot to run level S at next boot. 

C. This system will have run level S as the default mode. 

D. The svcadm milestone -d svc:/milestone/multi-user:default should be run to return to run level 


E. This system will not start svc.startd controlling services at the next boot. 

Answer: B,C 

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