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Exam Code: C2070-987 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: IBM Content Manager V8.5 Solution Designer
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2016 Jun C2070-987 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. An IBM Content Manager solution designer is designing a system to store enterprise content in an item type. According to the enterprise policy, the content should not be updated or deleted for 2 years after define a retention policy in a Content Manager system and apply it to the item type. 

Which of the following is correct when defining the retention policy? 

A. Set the policy type to "Fixed time" and enable retention of 2 years and enable expiration of 5years. 

B. Set the policy type to “Fixed time" and enable retention of 2 years and enable expiration of 3 years. 

C. Set the policy type to“Event driven" and enable retention of 2 years and enable expiration of 5 years. 

D. Set the policy type to “Event driven” and enable retention of 2 years and enable expiration of 3 years. 

Answer: C 




Q42. Which of the allowing concepts is NOT related to remote configuration? 

A. Target machine 

B. Source machine 

C. Reference machine 

D. Configuration profile 

Answer: D 

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Update C2070-987 study guide:

Q43. A solution designer is preparing an IBM Content Manager system design for a company that maintains an organizational directory on IBM Tivoli Directory Sever. 

A. Once integrated, the system administration client can be used to manage the user group assignments for imported users 

B. Once integrated new users created in the directory server can automatically be created in Content Manager with appropriate user group assignments. 

C. Once integrated, user names and passwords are automatically imported into Content Manager and passwords can be managed using the system administration client, like any other users. 

D. Once integrated, the directory server will manage imported users and access controls. 

The system administration client can no longer be used to manage user definitions for imported users. 

E. Once integrated the directory server will manage user's passwords, so that it will not be necessary for a Content Manager administrator to handle password reset requests for imported users. 

Answer: E 

Q44. An IBM Content Manager solution designer wants to configure Content Manager administrator user IDs (icmadmin and rmadmin)on Microsoft Windows end assign them the following user rights: 

1. Act as part of the operating system 

2. Create a token object 

3. Replace a process level token 

4. Important for Brazilian Portuguese users only: create an administrative group called IO and addicmadmin to it. 

Which application will be used to accomplish this task? 

A. Windows Local Security Policy 

B. Content Manager configuration manager 

C. Windows Account Computer Management 

D. Content Manager system administration client 

Answer: B 


Realistic C2070-987 preparation exams:

Q45. There are two resource managers (RM_A and RM_B) in an IBM Content Manager system. According to the business requirements, a new collection, Coll_A, should be created on resource manager RM_A and a new collection, Coll_B, should be created on resource manager RM_B. A replication rule should be defined so that the content can be replicated from Coll_A to Coll_B. 

Before creating the new collection Coll_A in RM_A. which of the following must be accomplished? 

A. Enable LAN cache in RM_B 

B. Add RM_B as a new server in RM_A 

C. Add RM_A as a new server in RM_B 

D. Create a new storage class in RM _A and set its remote destination as RM B/Coll_B 

Answer: B 

Q46. A customer asked for an IBM Content Manager secure transport solution and wants to implement an IBM Content Manager V8.5 solution in their environment. 

Which of the following Content Manager component does NOT support the new enhanced transport layer security offering? 

A. Java API's 

B. Library server 

C. System administration client 

D. Content Manager Client for Windows 

Answer: D 

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