ccdp arch 300 320 : Jul 2017 Edition

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Q71. Which option lists the EIGRP minimum timer settings for hello and dead timers in seconds? 

A. 4 and 6 

B. 2 and 4 

C. 2 and 6 

D. both 6 


Q72. Which technology extends Layer 2 LANs over any network that supports IP? 



C. vPC 



Q73. Which technology fulfills these requirements? 

. Utilize a connection that must support a range of traffic, voice, video, and data. 

. This traffic must also support transmission via a fixed blank 53-byte cell. 


B. Frame Relay 



E. X.25 


Q74. Which option can be implemented to manipulate the election of PIM DR to force multicast traffic to a certain path? 

A. Assign a lower PIM DR priority to the PIM DR interface. 

B. Assign a lower IP address to the PIM DR interface. 

C. Assign a higher PIM DR priority to the PIM DR interface. 

D. Increase the cost on the PIM DR interface. 


Q75. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which recommended practice is applicable? 

A. If no core layer is deployed, the design will be easier to scale. 

B. A dedicated campus core layer should be deployed for connecting three or more buildings. 

C. If no core layer is deployed, the distribution switches should not be fully meshed. 

D. A dedicated campus core layer is not needed for connecting fewer than five buildings. 


Q76. Which of the following two statements about Cisco NSF and SSO are the most relevant to the network designer? (Choose two.) 

A. You can reduce outages to 1 to 3 seconds by using SSO in a Layer 2 environment or Cisco NSF with SSO in a Layer 3 environment. 

B. SSO and NSF each require the devices to either be graceful restart-capable or graceful restart-aware. 

C. In a fully redundant topology adding redundant supervisors with NSF and SSO may cause longer convergence times than single supervisors with tuned IGP timers 

D. The primary deployment scenario for Cisco NSF with SSO is in the Distribution and Core layers. 

E. Cisco NSF-aware neighbor relationships are independent of any tuned IGP timers 

Answer: A,C 

Q77. Which statement best describes Cisco OTV internal interfaces? 

A. They are Layer 2 interfaces that are configured as either access or trunk interfaces on the switch. 

B. They are interfaces that perform Layer 3 forwarding with aggregation switches. 

C. They are the interfaces that connect to the ISP. 

D. They are tunnel interfaces that are configured with GRE encapsulation. 


Q78. A network engineer must provide 40mb connections from the data center to the corporate office and two remote offices. What WAN connectivity option will outsource the routing in cooperation with the service provider? 

A. Ethernet Private Line 

B. Ethernet Multipoint Service 




Q79. What are two characteristics of Server Load Balancing router mode? (Choose two.) 

A. The design supports multiple server subnets. 

B. An end-user sees the IP address of the real server. 

C. SLB routes between the outside and inside subnets. 

D. The source or destination MAC address is rewritten, but the IP addresses left alone. 

E. SLB acts as a "bump in the wire" between servers and upstream firewall or Layer 3 devices. 

Answer: A,C 

Q80. A network engineer is building a LAN design that includes Cisco NAC. What two characteristics of an out-of-band NAC deployment are important to consider when evaluating it for the design? (Choose two.) 

A. supported by a limited number of switch models 

B. never in-line with user traffic 

C. aggregate client traffic is constrained to NAC server port speed 

D. recommended if sharing ports between IP phones and PCs 

E. supports real IP gateway (routed mode) 

Answer: A,D