ccdp arch 300 320 pdf (141 to 150)

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Q141. Which two options are storage topologies? (Choose two.) 





Answer: B,D 

Q142. Which technology allows network managers to centrally manage the VLAN database? 




D. vPC 


Q143. Which four Cisco proprietary Spanning Tree Protocol enhancements are supported with rapid per-VLAN Spanning-Tree plus? (Choose four.) 

A. PortFast 

B. UplinkFast 

C. loop guard 

D. root guard 

E. BPDU guard 

F. BackboneFast 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q144. Which statement about data center access layer design modes is correct? 

A. The access layer is the first oversubscription point in a data center design. 

B. The data center access layer provides the physical-level connections to the server resources and only operates at Layer 3. 

C. When using a Layer 2 looped design, VLANs are not extended into the aggregation layer. 

D. When using a Layer 3 design, stateful services requiring Layer 2 connectivity are provisioned from the aggregation layer. 


Q145. Which of these statements is correct regarding Stateful Switchover and Cisco Nonstop Forwarding? 

A. Utilizing Cisco NSF in Layer 2 environments can reduce outages to one to three seconds. 

B. Utilizing SSO in Layer 3 environments can reduce outages to one to three seconds. 

C. Distribution switches are single points of failure causing outages for the end devices. 

D. Utilizing Cisco NSF and SSO in a Layer 2 environment can reduce outages to less than one second. 

E. NSF and SSO with redundant supervisors have the most impact on outages at the access layer. 


Q146. Which two features provide resiliency in a data center? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco FabricPath 


C. encryption 

D. vPC 


Answer: A,D 


Drag the task on the left to the appropriate layer category on the right. 


Q148. Which two physical components can enable high availability on a Cisco 6500 device? (Choose two.) 

A. dual supervisor modules 

B. bundled Ethernet Interconnects 

C. line modules with DFCs 

D. redundant power supplies 

E. VSS interlink cables 

Answer: A,D 

Q149. Refer to the exhibit. 

The Cisco Nexus 1000V in the VMware vSphere solution effectively creates an additional access layer in the virtualized data center network; which of the following 1000V characteristics can the designer take advantage of? 

A. Offloads the STP requirement from the external Access layer switches 

B. If upstream access switches do not support vPC or VSS the dual-homed ESX host traffic can still be distributed using virtual port channel host mode using subgroups automatically discovered through CDP 

C. Allows transit traffic to be forwarded through the ESX host between VMNICs 

D. Can be divided into multiple virtual device contexts for service integration, enhanced 

security, administrative boundaries, and flexibility of deployment 


Q150. Addressing QoS design in the Enterprise Campus network for IP Telephony applications means what? 

A. It is critical to identify aggregation and rate transition points in the network, where preferred traffic and congestion QoS policies should be enforced 

B. Suspect traffic should be dropped closest to the source, to minimize wasting network resources 

C. An Edge traffic classification scheme should be mapped to the downstream queue configuration 

D. Applications and Traffic flows should be classified, marked and policed within the Enterprise Edge of the Enterprise Campus network