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Exam Name: VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Exam
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Q1. Which two procedures assign a Base Layer to centralized virtual desktops (CVDs) in VMware Mirage? (Choose two.)

A. ClickValidationbutton to validate CVDs.

B. ChooseCommon Wizards > Assign Base Layer.

C. Select individual, multiple or a collection of CVDs.

D. Assign an App Layer.

Answer: B,C

Q2. Which are two custom setup options when installing VMware Horizon Agent on a master image? (Choose two.)

A. Windows Media Multimedia Redirection

B. USB Redirection

C. VMware Horizon Instant Clone Agent

D. Unity Touch

Answer: A,B

Q3. When replacing the default self-signed SSL certificate in a newly-installed VMware Mirage Server with a signed certificate, which certificate store should the signed certificate be placed in?

A. Certificates(Local Computer)>Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates

B. Certificates(Local User)>Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates

C. Certificates(Local User)> Enterprise Trust

D. Certificates(Local Computer)> Personal > Certificates

Answer: A

Q4. Before configuring SAML authentication to work with True Single Sign-On, which two prerequisites must be met? (Choose two.)

A. Configure SAML authenticator to use self-signed certificates.

B. The root certificate for the SAML server is installed.

C. Install and configure VMware Identity Manager.

D. Single sign-on is disabled as a global setting.

Answer: B,C

Q5. Which three tools are recommended to analyze End User Requirements for performance before implementing View? (Choose three.)

A. Wireshark PCoIP protocol assessment

B. Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware

C. Nmap display protocol port analysis

D. Liquid Labs Stratusphere FIT assessment

E. VMware’s free SysTrack Desktop Assessment

Answer: C,D,E

Q6. When troubleshooting issues with the View Agent, which tool can be used to generate a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle?

A. msiexec

B. vdmadmin

C. vdmutil

D. lmvutil

Answer: B



Q7. What are the two possible methods of disaster recovery for VMware Mirage endpoints? (Choose two.)

A. Restore the recovery partition to a previous CVD snapshot on an existing device.

B. Restore files or the entire desktop to a previous CVD snapshot on an existing device.

C. Restore the hard drive of an existing or a replacement device.

D. Restore the CVD snapshot to the primary and recover the files.

Answer: B,C

Q8. In order to establish user assignments for manual desktop pools and automated desktop pools of full virtual machines or View Composer linked clones, which user assignment can an administrator choose?

A. Only dedicated user assignment.

B. Automatic user assignment.

C. Floating or dedicated user assignment.

D. Only floating user assignment.

Answer: D

Q9. Which device section contains a VMware Mirage endpoint that could be centralized utilizing Wake-on-LAN?

A. Assigned Devices

B. Rejected Devices

C. Problematic Devices

D. Pending Devices

Answer: D


Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/mirage-59/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.mirage.admin.doc%2FGUID-53C6380B-276B-4D1F- 8BF9-BD3274D44D05.html

Q10. Which three Layer Assignment progress states are valid in VMware Mirage? (Choose three.)

A. Approved

B. Uploading

C. Downloading

D. Throttled

E. Pending

Answer: C,D,E