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2016 Nov 642-885 Study Guide Questions:



The amount of time for the penalty to decrease to one-half of its current value – 60 Suppress a route when its penalty exceeds this value – 2400 If a flapping route penalty decreases and falls below this value , the route is unsuppressed – 600 The maximum time a route can be suppressed – 240 

Q42. What is enabled by default on Cisco IOS-XR routers and cannot be disabled? 

A. SSH server 

B. Multicast routing 

C. IPv4 and IPv6 CEF 

D. IPv6 routing 



Answer: C 

Q43. Which multicast group range is reserved for SSM? 





Answer: C 

642-885  study guide

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Q44. On Cisco IOS-XR, which BGP configuration group allows you to define address-family independent commands and address-family dependent commands for each address family? 

A. neighbor-group 

B. session-group 

C. af-group 

D. peer-group 

Answer: A 

Q45. With IPv6 multicast, which feature can be used as a replacement method for static RP configuration? 

A. PIM Snooping 


C. MLD Snooping 

D. Embedded RP 

E. DHCPv6 

Answer: D 

Q46. The multicast IP address maps to which multicast MAC address? 

A. 01-00-5E-C0-10-01 

B. 01-00-5E-40-10-01 

C. 01-00-5E-00-10-01 

D. 01-00-5E-C0-16-01 

Answer: B 

642-885  study guide

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Q47. Which type of DNS record is used for IPv6 forward lookups? 

A. A records 

B. AAAA records 

C. PTR records 

D. MX records 

Answer: B 

Q48. With PIM-SM operations, which four pieces of information are maintained in the multicast routing table for each (*,G) or (S,G) entry? (Choose four.) 

A. RPF Neighbor 

B. RP Set 

C. Incoming Interface 


E. DF priority 

F. PIM SM state flags 

Answer: A,C,D,F 

Q49. Which router Is configured as the RPforthe multicast group and which Is the multicast source that is currently sending traffic to the multicast group? (Choose two.) 

A. CE5 

B. PE5 

C. PE6 




Answer: C,E #show ip mroute234.1.1.1 #show ip route 

Q50. RAG DROP Answer: 

Manually configured tunnel – 6RD , GRE Automatic Tunnel – 6 to 4 , IPV6-in-IPV4 

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