exam cv0-001 [Jun 2016]

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2016 Jun CD0-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q101. A customers current document security model provides access to paper documents based upon job definition. Employees change jobs periodically based upon skills and business needs. An electronic system would need to implement: 

A. role-based security. 

B. modifiable document classification models. 

C. user group security. 

D. user privilege sets. 

Answer: A 


Q102. When recommending the indexing structure for a client who is converting from a hard copy file room to an electronic document storage solution, the BEST method for indexing would be to: 

A. design a new indexing system as part of the proposed solution. 

B. model from the existing index structure. 

C. always select indexes the client is comfortable with. 

D. not index; it is not necessary. 

Answer: B 


Q103. The imaging consultant has been tasked with implementing document imaging. When examining the clients hardware assets, the consultant discovers the client already has some scan-to-file enabled Multi-functional Devices (MFD). How shall the consultant proceed? 

A. Investigate specifications for networked scanners based upon client needs 

B. Investigate the copy / printing capability of the MFDs 

C. Investigate upgrading the MFDs 

D. Determine what scanning capability is embedded in the MFDs 

Answer: D 


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Q104. Exambible is implementing a document imaging system and making the images available via the Internet. 

Which of the following issues is the most important security consideration? 

A. User profiling 

B. Virus protection 

C. Firewall configuration 

D. Disaster recover and data restoration 

Answer: C 


Q105. A local library keeps many important documents relating to the historical landmarks in town. The documents consist of blueprints, photographs, and newspaper articles. The library wants to capture the documents electronically so they can be viewed online. The first concern of the person capturing the documents would be the: 

A. color of the documents. 

B. age and physical condition of the documents. 

C. volume of the documents on file. 

D. number of file cabinets. 

Answer: B 


Q106. A company is generating 10,000 documents a month and is considering if they should go forward with an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution or continue with the existing paper-based storage strategy. Considering the cost of both strategies the customer should: 

A. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive in the long term. 

B. stay with the current solution because it is considerably less expensive in the long term. 

C. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive in the near term but becomes less expensive in the long term. 

D. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive but easier to implement and has greater long term benefits. 

Answer: C 



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Q107. A bank needs to capture checks to support its customer service function. They need to scan, index and route them. Which of the following would help them automate this process? 

A. Barcodes 

B. MICR coded 

C. Patch codes 

D. Uniform check color 

Answer: B 


Q108. A potential risk to a project could be: 

A. regular Project Manager meetings. 

B. a risk analysis session. 

C. creating an assumptions document. 

D. allowing scope creep. 

Answer: D 


Q109. During the implementation phase of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) project, the Project Manager discovers that the storage system will not arrive by its targeted installation date. What is the next step? 

A. Change the project Gantt chart to reflect the new expected date 

B. Proceed as normal because the project schedule will resolve itself 

C. Create a project change request and submit it to the project committee 

D. Order a storage system from another vendor 

Answer: C 


Q110. When library services are assigned for a document management system, what elements should be discussed with the customer? 

A. Integration aspects, user interface 

B. Versioning, document life cycle, attributes 

C. Scanning, image enhancement, display of image 

D. View and edit applications, on-line content conversion 

Answer: B 


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