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Exam Code: 3103 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Radvision Scopia Solution for Video Communications Exam
Certification Provider: Avaya
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2016 Jun 3103 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. After using the system for more than a year, a company decides to add support for scheduling. Which Radvision Scopia. solution component needs to be added? 

A. Another Scopia. Elite MCU 

B. Scopia. iVIEW Management Suite 

C. PathFinder 

D. Standalone ECS 

Answer: B

Q2. What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by the Elite MCU? 

A. 480P 

B. 720P 

C. 1080i 

D. 1080P 

Answer: D 

Q3. Which statement about scheduling a meeting is correct? 

A. A multi-party meeting can be scheduled even when no MCU is configured. 

B. At least one configured gateway is required in order to schedule a meeting. 

C. When scheduling with iVIEW, a single dial-in number is provided for users to join a specific conference with more than one physical MCU (using a virtual MCU). 

D. An iVIEW user should also be configured on the MCU if we want to schedule a conference. 

Answer: D

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Q4. Your organization is planning to implement a visual communications solution. You have approximately 25 employees with one main meeting room. The requirement is to be able to join meetings from both the meeting room (with H.323 and SIP) and the desktop. Which deployment scenario will satisfy the requirements for only one conference at a time? 

A. Deployment A – MCU standalone 

B. Deployment B – XT1000 with XT Desktop Connectivity 

C. Deployment C – Centralized 

D. Deployment D – Centralized with external connectivity 

Answer: B

Q5. Given the Raise-Hand option is enabled in the Scopia. Desktop Administrator Client tab, when is this feature available during the conference? 

A. It is always available. 

B. It is not available for regular users. 

C. It is only available when a participant is muted by the moderator. 

D. It is available when the lecturer is in Participant mode. 

Answer: C

Q6. Which two actions are not available for Moderators when using Elite MCU DTMF conference control? (Choose two.) 

A. Invite a participant 

B. Disconnect a participant 

C. Terminate conference 

D. Move participants to a sub-conference 

Answer: BD 


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Q7. How can you dial to the video IVR/Auto Attendant? (Choose two.) 

A. Conference ID number 

B. IP address of Gatekeeper 

C. Auto Attendant number of iVIEW 

D. Dialing the auto-route number 

Answer: AC 

Q8. Through which operation can new meeting types for iVIEW be created? 

A. Manually create a new meeting type through the iVlEW. 

B. The iVIEW has a fixed list of meeting types and they cannot be changed at all. 

C. Set new meeting types on the MCU. 

D. Download new meeting types from one of the configured MCUs. 

Answer: D

Q9. How do you configure an Audio-only service in the MCU? 

A. By selecting a service type and deselecting the multimedia option 

B. By removing all video codecs from the video codecs table 

C. By selecting all audio codecs from the audio codecs table 

D. By selecting a service type and checking the "audio only" checkbox 

Answer: D

Q10. What must you ensure if you want to work with virtual rooms? (Choose two.) 

A. Virtual rooms are enabled on the terminals themselves. 

B. The Administrator has created the necessary Virtual Rooms. 

C. Virtual rooms should work as long as they are configured on the iVIEW. 

D. Virtual rooms need at least one meeting room to be configured. 

Answer: CD

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