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2016 Jun 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q251. Examine the following command:


Which activity is performed when the preceding command is executed?

A. The shrink operation touches every block in the BOOKING table

B. The high-water mark (HWM) for the BOOKING table is shifted from its original position

C. The progress of the shrink operation is saved in the bitmap blocks of the BOOKING table

D. The data manipulation language (DML) triggers on the BOOKING table are executed because the shrink operation is internally handled by the INSERT/DELETE operation

Answer: C

Q252. Which of the following is not a valid linguistic sort element? 

A. Accent expansion

B. Canonical equivalence

C. Reverse secondary sorting

D. Ignorable characters

E. Character rearrangement

Answer: A

Q253. What is an obsolete backup set?

A. A backup set that is missing one or more backup set pieces

B. A backup that has exceeded the retention criteria and is no longer needed

C. A backup set that does not include archived redo logs

D. A backup set that can not be recovered due to corruption

E. A backup set superceded by a datafile copy

Answer: B

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Q254. Which of the following are valid until command options when attempting point-in-time recovery in RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A. until time

B. until change

C. until sequence

D. until SCN

E. until commit

Answer: ACD

Q255. Which of the following can be used in conjunction with a Flashback Versions Query to filter the results? (Choose all that apply.)

A. A range of SCN values

B. A list of SCN values

C. A starting and ending timestamp

D. Minimum and maximum sequence values

E. A list of sequence values

Answer: AC

Q256. Which statements are true regarding the creation of an incident package file by using the EM Workbench Support? (Choose all that apply.)

A. You can add or remove the trace files to the package.

B. You can create the incremental incident package ZIP file for new or modified diagnostic information for the incident package already created.

C. You can add SQL test cases to the incident package.

D. You cannot create an incremental incident package when the physical files are purged rom the ADR.

Answer: ABC


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Q257. What is the result of increasing the value of the parameter ASM_POWER_LIMIT during a rebalance operation?

A. The ASM rebalance operation will likely consume fewer resources and complete in a shorter amount of time.

B. The ASM rebalance operation will consume fewer resources and complete in a longer amount of time.

C. The ASM rebalance operation will be parallelized and should complete in a shorter amount of time.

D. There is no ASM_POWER_LIMIT setting used in ASM.

E. None of the above

Answer: C

Q258. You are managing an ASM instance. You previously issued the following statements:




You want to cancel the disk drops that are pending for the DG1 disk group.

Which statement should you issue?

A. ALTER DISKGROUP dg1 UNDROP disk2, disk3, disk5;



D. You cannot cancel the pending disk drops.

Answer: C

Q259. View the Exhibit and examine the disk groups created at the time of migrating the database storage to Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

Why does the FRA disk group initially have more free space even though both DATA and FRA disk groups are provided with the same size?

A. Because the FRA disk group will not support dynamic rebalancing

B. Because the FRA disk group is not configured to support mirroring

C. Because disks in the FRA disk group are not formatted at this stage

D. Because the FRA disk group will support only a single size of allocation unit

Answer: B

Q260. The Database Resource Manager is automatically enabled in the maintenance window that runs the Automated Maintenance Task. What is the reason for this?

A. to prevent the creation of an excessive number of scheduler job classes

B. to allow the Automated Maintenance Tasks to use system resources without any restriction

C. to allow resource sharing only among the Automated Maintenance Tasks in the maintenance window

D. to prevent the Automated Maintenance Tasks from consuming excessive amounts of system resources

Answer: D

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