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Q161. What is the MOST important reason to configure unique user IDs? 

A. Supporting accountability 

B. Reducing authentication errors 

C. Preventing password compromise 

D. Supporting Single Sign On (SSO) 


Q162. The goal of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) training and awareness program is to 

A. enhance the skills required to create, maintain, and execute the plan. 

B. provide for a high level of recovery in case of disaster. 

C. describe the recovery organization to new employees. 

D. provide each recovery team with checklists and procedures. 


Q163. Refer.to the information below to answer the question. 

A security practitioner detects client-based attacks on the organization’s network. A plan will be necessary to address these concerns. 

In the plan, what is the BEST approach to mitigate future internal client-based attacks? 

A. Block all client side web exploits at the perimeter. 

B. Remove all non-essential client-side web services from the network. 

C. Screen for harmful exploits of client-side services before implementation. 

D. Harden the client image before deployment. 


Q164. Logical access control programs are MOST effective when they are 

A. approved by external auditors. 

B. combined with security token technology. 

C. maintained by computer security officers. 

D. made part of the operating system. 


Q165. The three PRIMARY requirements for a penetration test are 

A. A defined goal, limited time period, and approval of management 

B. A general objective, unlimited time, and approval of the network administrator 

C. An objective statement, disclosed methodology, and fixed cost 

D. A stated objective, liability waiver, and disclosed methodology 



In the network design below, where.is.the.MOST secure.Local Area Network (LAN).segment to deploy a.Wireless.Access.Point (WAP) that provides.contractors.access to the Internet and authorized enterprise services? 


Q167. Why MUST a Kerberos server be well protected from unauthorized access? 

A. It contains the keys of all clients. 

B. It always operates at root privilege. 

C. It contains all the tickets for services. 

D. It contains the Internet Protocol (IP) address of all network entities. 


Q168. Contingency plan exercises are intended to do which of the following? 

A. Train personnel in roles and responsibilities 

B. Validate service level agreements 

C. Train maintenance personnel 

D. Validate operation metrics 


Q169. What is the BEST method to detect the most common improper initialization problems in programming languages? 

A. Use and specify a strong character encoding. 

B. Use automated static analysis tools that target this type of weakness. 

C. Perform input validation on any numeric inputs by assuring that they are within the expected range. 

D. Use data flow analysis to minimize the number of false positives. 


Q170. Which of the following is the MAIN reason that system re-certification and re-accreditation are needed? 

A. To assist data owners in making future sensitivity and criticality determinations 

B. To assure the software development team that all security issues have been addressed 

C. To verify that security protection remains acceptable to the organizational security policy 

D. To help the security team accept or reject new systems for implementation and production