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2016 Aug 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to take the backup of MULT_DATA, a big file tablespace of size 100 TB on tape drive, but you have tapedrives of only 10 GB each. Which method would accomplish the task quickly and efficiently?

A. parallel image copy backup

B. backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channel

C. parallel backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channe

D. intrafile parallel backup

Answer: D

Q22. Which background process of a database instance, using Automatic Storage Management (ASM), connects as a foreground process into the ASM instance?





Answer: A

Q23. Over the course of a day, a department performed multiple DML statements (inserts, updates, deletes) on multiple rows of data in multiple tables. The manager would like a report showing the time, table name, and DML type for all changes that were made. Which Flashback technology would be the best choice to produce the list?

A. Flashback Drop

B. Flashback Query

C. Flashback Transaction Query

D. Flashback Versions Query

E. Flashback Table

Answer: C

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Q24. You are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) with a recovery catalog to back up your production database. The backups and the archived redo log files are copied to a tape drive on a daily basis. Because of media failure, you lost your production database completely along with the recovery catalog database. You want to recover the target database and make it functional. You consider performing the following steps to accomplish the task:

1) Restore an autobackup of the server parameter file.

2) Restore the control file

3) Start the target database instance

4) Mount the database

5) Restore the data files

6) Open the database with RESETLOGS option

7) Recover the data files

8) Set DBID for the target database

Which option illustrates the correct sequence that you must use?

A. 8, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6

B. 1, 8, 3, 4, 2, 5, 7, 6

C. 1, 3, 4, 2, 8, 5, 6, 7

D. 1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 5, 7, 8

Answer: A

Q25. You want to put a specific tablespace called MY_DATA in hot backup mode so you can back it up.

What command would you use?

A. alter tablespace MY_DATA begin backup;

B. alter tablespace MY_DATA start backup;

C. alter tablespace MY_DATA backup begin;

D. alter MY_DATA begin backup;

E. You cannot back up individual tablespaces.

Answer: A

Q26. Which of the following is a benefit of ASM fast disk resync?

A. Failed disks are taken offline immediately but are not dropped.

B. Disk data is never lost.

C. By default, the failed disk is not dropped from the disk group ever, protecting you from loss of that disk.

D. The failed disk is automatically reformatted and then resynchronized to speed up the recovery process.

E. Hot spare disks are automatically configured and added to the disk group.

Answer: A


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Q27. Examine the following command used to perform incremental level 0 backup:


To enable the block change tracking, after the incremental level 0 backup you issued the following command:



To perform incremental level 1 cumulative backup, you issued the following command:


Which two statements are true in the above situation? (Choose two.)

A. The block change tracking data will be used only from the next incremental 0 backup.

B. The incremental backup will use change tracking data for accomplishing the backup.

C. The incremental backup will not use change tracking data for accomplishing the backup.

D. The block track file will scan all the blocks and create bitmap for all the blocks backed up in the level 0 backup.

Answer: AC

Q28. Which two statements regarding a SQL profile are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is built by Automatic Tuning Optimizer.

B. It cannot be stored persistently in the data dictionary.

C. It can be used by the query optimizer automatically.

D. It can be created manually by using the CREATE PROFILE command.

Answer: AC

Q29. You are managing Oracle Database 11g with an ASM storage with high redundancy. The following command was issued to drop the disks from the dga disk group after five hours:


Which statement is true in this scenario?

A. It starts the ASM fast mirror resync.

B. All the disks in the dga disk group would be OFFLINE and the DISK_REPAIR_TIME disk attribute would be set to 5 hours.

C. It drops all disk paths from the dga disk group.

D. All the disks in the dga disk group in failure group f2 would be OFFLINE and the DISK_REPAIR_TIME disk attribute would be set to 5 hours.

Answer: D

Q30. You want to make sure that your database backup does not exceed 10 hours in length. What command would you issue that would meet this condition?

A. backup database plus archivelog;

B. backup database plus archivlog until time '10:00';

C. backup database plus archivelog timeout '10:00';

D. backup database plus archivelog duration 10:00;

E. backup database plus archivelog timeout 10:00;

Answer: D

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