Far out EC-Council 312-50v9 – An Overview 11 to 20

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Q11. Nation-state threat actors often discover vulnerabilitiesand hold on to them until they want to launch a sophisticated attack. The Stuxnet attack was an unprecedented style of attack because it used four types of this vulnerability.

What is this style of attack called?

A. zero-hour

B. no-day

C. zero-day

D. zero-sum

Answer:: C

Q12. What is the process of logging, recording, and resolving events that take place in an organization?

A. Metrics

B. Security Policy

C. Internal Procedure

D. Incident Management Process

Answer: D

Q13. The NMAP command above performs which of the following?

A. A ping scan

B. A trace sweep

C. An operating system detect

D. A port scan

Answer: A

Q14. How does the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) work?

A. It sends a reply packet for a specific IP, asking for the MAC address.

B. It sends a reply packet to all the network elements, asking for the MAC address from a specific IP.

C. It sends a request packet to all the network elements, asking for the domainname from a specific IP.

D. It sends a request packet to all the network elements, asking for the MAC address from a specific IP.

Answer: D

Q15. You have successfully comprised a server having an IP address of You would like to enumerate all machines in the same network quickly.

What is the best nmap command you will use?

A. Nmap –T4 –F 

B. Nmap –T4 –q 

C. Nmap –T4 –O 

D. Nmap –T4 –r

Answer: A

Q16. You are tasked to perform a penetration test. While you are performinginformation gathering, you find ab employee list in Google. You find receptionist’s email, and you send her an email changing the source email to her boss’s email ( boss@company ). In this email, you ask for a pdf with information. She reads your email and sends back a pdf with links. You exchange the pdf links with your malicious links (these links contain malware) and send back the modified pdf, saying that the links don’t work. She reads your email, opens the links, and her machine gets infected.

What testing method did you use?

A. Piggybacking

B. Tailgating

C. Evesdropping

D. Social engineering

Answer: D

Q17. You are logged in as a local admin on a Windows 7 system and you need to launch the Computer Management Console from command line.

Which command would you use?

A. c:\\services.msc

B. c:\\ncpa.cp

C. c:\\compmgmt.msc

D. c:\\gpedit

Answer: C

Q18. Which of the following is not a Bluetooth attack?

A. Bluejacking

B. Bluedriving

C. Bluesnarfing

D. Bluesmaking

Answer: B

Q19. Which of the following tools is used to detect wireless LANs using the 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN standards on a linux platform?

A. Kismet

B. Netstumbler

C. Abel

D. Nessus

Answer: A

Q20. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a need to authenticate users connecting using analog modems, digital Subscriber Line (DSL), wireless data services, and virtual Private Networks (VPN) over a Frame Relay network.

Which AAA protocol is most likely able to handle this requirement?


B. Kerberos



Answer: D