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Q21. Which two statements are true based upon the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.) 

A. Operation will be effective only if the video profile on the WLC is mapped to the 802.1p protocol with a tagged value of 5. 

B. It is recommended to configure IP multicast on the WLC in multicast-multicast mode. 

C. CAC must be enabled to avoid channel oversubscription and guarantee the configured media bandwidth. 

D. In case of a violation after an RRC re-evaluation, the stream is demoted to the best- effort class. 

Answer: B, ? 

Q22. Which two statement about AP local authentication by FlexConnect AP in standalone mode are true?(choose two) 

A. Only LEAP,EAP F AST,PEAP and EAP-TLS authentication are supported 

B. Only the vendor certificate authority (CA) certificate has to be downloaded to the Cisco wireless LAN controller for EAP-TLS authentication 

C. Cisco wireless LAN controller must generate a certificate signing request by itself for submitting to a certificate authority for signing. 

D. A flexconnect group must be created so that the cisco wireless LAN Controller can push the certificate to the flexconnect AP in the Flexconnect group. 

Answer: A, D 

Q23. Your customer is thinking of migrating the exiting IEEE 802.11b/g network to an IEEE 802.11ac network which two statement are true ?(choose two) 

A. Backward compatibility need to be considered for the existing legacy IEEE 802.11b/g mobile devices. 

B. Channel option are limited on the radio band UNII 3 due to DFS 

C. Ensure that the WLANs have WMM enabled and support open or WPA2/AES encryption 1n order to reach IEEE 802.11ac speeds even on IEEE. 802.11ac clients 

D. Fewer APs have to be proposed because the IEEE 802.llac network provides a faster speed and larger converge area compared with the IEEE 802.11b/g network. 

Answer: A, C 

Q24. Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (choose three) 

A. MU-MIMO is supported in wave 1 

B. MU-MIMO allows one AP to transmit unique data to multiple stations simultaneously 

C. when using MU-MIMI up to 8 devices can transmit data at the same time 

D. 802.11 a/b/g/n device are able to connect to 802.11ac radios 

E. it IS possible to reach 160 MHz by combining two discontinuous 80 MHz channel block 

F. 802.11 ac is supported in the 2.4- and 5-Ghz radio band 

Answer: B, D, E 

Q25. 802.11k and 802.11k-enabled client devices send a request for a list of neighbor APs (a neighbor list) from the APs they are currently associated with. What is this 802.11management frame also known as? 

A. association response 

B. association packet 

C. beacon frame 

D. action packet 


Q26. When creating a guest account on Cisco identity Services Engine .Which option in the sponsor portal allows for the guest credentials to be used for RADIUS authentication without requiring the guest user to log into the guest portal? 

A. Set the Guest role to Guest 

B. Set the Guest role to Activated guest 

C. Set the Time Profile to Radius 1Day 

D. Check the box to send email not send email notification id the guest user name is based on the email address. 


Q27. RX-SOP is configured for SGHz radio with value set as "High Threshold". Which two clients will associate to the AP? (Choose Two) 

A. client with RSSI-75 dBm 

B. client with RSSI-79d8m 

C. client with RSSI-77dBm 

D. client with RSSI-73dBm 

Answer: A, D 


Drag and drop the AVC configuration feature on the left to their respective function on the right.? 



Q29. Exhibit 

Which AAA attribute is not used by the Cisco WLC running AireOS 8.0 ? 

A. Tunnel-Pnvate-Group-10 

B. Tunnel-Type 

C. Airespace-QOS-Level 




Drag and drop the characteristic on the left to the appropriate EAP type on the right.