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2017 Apr AWS-Certified-DevOps-Engineer-Professional Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which EBS volume type is best for high performance NoSQL cluster deployments?

A. iol

B. gpl

C. standard

D. gp2 

Answer: A


io1 volumes, or Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS) SSDs, are best for: Critical business applications that require sustained IOPS performance, or more than 10,000 IOPS or 160 MiB/s of throughput per volume, like large database workloads, such as MongoDB.


Q2. Which is not a restriction on AWS EBS Snapshots?

A. Snapshots which are shared cannot be used as a basis for other snapshots.

B. You cannot share a snapshot containing an AWS Access Key ID or AWS Secret Access Key.

C. You cannot share unencrypted snapshots.

D. Snapshot restorations are restricted to the region in which the snapshots are created. 

Answer: A


Snapshots shared with other users are usable in full by the recipient, including but limited to the ability to base modified volumes and snapshots.


Q3. You need your CI to build AMIs with code pre-installed on the images on every new code push. You need to do this as cheaply as possible. How do you do this?

A. Bid on spot instances just above the asking price as soon as new commits come in, perform all instance configuration and setup, then create an AMI based on the spot instance.

B. Have the CI launch a new on-demand EC2 instance when new commits come in, perform all instance configuration and setup, then create an AMI based on the on-demand instance.

C. Purchase a Light Utilization Reserved Instance to save money on the continuous integration machine. Use these credits whenever your create AMIs on instances.

D. When the CI instance receives commits, attach a new EBS volume to the CI machine. Perform all setup on this EBS volume so you don't need a new EC2 instance to create the AMI.

Answer: A 


Spot instances are the cheapest option, and you can use minimum run duration if your AMI takes more than a few minutes to create.

Spot instances are also available to run for a predefined duration — in hourly increments up to six hours in length — at a significant discount (30-45%) compared to On-Demand pricing plus an additional 5% during off-peak timesl for a total of up to 50% savings.


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Q4. What is the scope of an EC2 EIP?

A. Placement Group

B. Availability Zone

C. Region


Answer: C 


An Elastic IP address is tied to a region and can be associated only with an instance in the same region. Reference:

Q5. What is server immutability?

A. Not updating a server after creation.

B. The ability to change server counts.

C. Updating a server after creation.

D. The inability to change server counts. 

Answer: A


disposable upgrades offer a simpler way to know if your application has unknown dependencies. The underlying EC2 instance usage is considered temporary or ephemeral in nature for the period of deployment until the current release is active. During the new release, a new set of EC2 instances are rolled out by terminating older instances. This type of upgrade technique is more common in an immutable infrastructure.


Q6. What is the scope of an EC2 security group?

A. Availability Zone

B. Placement Group

C. Region


Answer: C 


A security group is tied to a region and can be assigned only to instances in the same region. You can't enable an instance to communicate with an instance outside its region using security group rules. Traffic

from an instance in another region is seen as WAN bandwidth.


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Q7. When thinking of AWS OpsWorks, which of the following is not an instance type you can allocate in a stack layer?

A. 24/7 instances

B. Spot instances

C. Time-based instances

D. Load-based instances 

Answer: B


AWS OpsWorks supports the following instance types, which are characterized by how they are started and stopped. 24/7 instances are started manually and run until you stop them.Time-based instances are  run by AWS OpsWorks on a specified daily and weekly schedule. They allow your stack to automatically adjust the number of instances to accommodate predictable usage patterns. Load-based instances are automatically started and stopped by AWS OpsWorks, based on specified load metrics, such as CPU utilization. They allow your stack to automatically adjust the number of instances to accommodate variations in incoming traffic. Load-based instances are available only for Linux-based stacks.    Reference:

Q8. For AWS CloudFormation, which is true?

A. Custom resources using SNS have a default timeout of 3 minutes.

B. Custom resources using SNS do not need a <code>ServiceToken</code> property.

C. Custom resources using Lambda and <code>Code.ZipFiIe</code> allow inline nodejs resource composition.

D. Custom resources using Lambda do not need a <code>ServiceToken</code>property 

Answer: C


Code is a property of the AWS::Lambda::Function resource that enables to you specify the source code of an AWS Lambda (Lambda) function. You can point to a file in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket or specify your source code as inline text (for nodejs runtime environments only). Reference:

Q9. Which of the following are not valid sources for OpsWorks custom cookbook repositories?


B. Git


D. Subversion 

Answer: C


Linux stacks can install custom cookbooks from any of the following repository types: HTTP or Amazon S3 archives. They can be either public or private, but Amazon S3 is typically the preferred option for a private archive. Git and Subversion repositories provide source control and the ability to have multiple versions.


Q10. You need to perform ad-hoc analysis on log data, including searching quickly for specific error codes and reference numbers. Which should you evaluate first?

A. AWS Elasticsearch Service

B. AWS RedShift


D. AWS DynamoDB 

Answer: A


Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch clusters in the AWS cloud. Elasticsearch is a popular open-source search and analytics engine for use cases such as log analytics, real-time application monitoring, and click stream analytics.

Reference: ervice.htmI