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2016 Sep 200-310 Study Guide Questions:

Q131. In which operation mode does the AP act as a dedicated sensor for location-based and intrusion detection services? 

A. monitor mode 

B. promiscuous mode 

C. discovery mode 

D. sniffer mode 

Answer: A 

Q132. Which IPv6 feature enables routing to distribute connection requests to the nearest content server? 

A. Link-local 

B. Site-local 

C. Anycast 

D. Multicast 

E. Global aggregatable 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Any cast is a network addressing and routing methodology in which data grams from a single sender are routed to the topologically nearest node in a group of potential receivers all identified by the same destination address. Link: 

Q133. Which Cisco device management feature is most suited to metering network traffic and providing data for billing network usage? 


B. Cisco Discovery Protocol 

C. QoS 


E. NetFlow 

Answer: E 

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Renewal airaid 310-200:

Q134. Which protocol is the recommended first-hop redundancy protocol for an existing infrastructure that contains multiple vendors and platforms? 





Answer: B 

Q135. Router A has three feasible successors to the network, which are listed here: 

Option 1 has a metric of 8123228. 

Option 2 has a metric of 2195467. 

Option 3 has a metric of 8803823. 

The variance 4 command was issued on Router A. How many active entries does Router A have in its routing table for the network? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

Answer: C 

Q136. WAN backup over the Internet is often used to provide primary connection redundancy. Which is the most important consideration when passing corporate traffic over the public Internet? 

A. security 

B. static versus dynamic routing 

C. bandwidth 

D. QoS 

E. latency 

Answer: A 


WAN Backup over the Internet Another alternative for WAN backup is to use the Internet as the connectivity transport between sites. However, keep in mind that this type of connection does not support bandwidth guarantees. The enterprise also needs to work closely with the ISP to set up the tunnels and advertise the company's networks internally so that remote offices have reachable IP destinations. Security is of great importance when you rely on the Internet for network connectivity, so a secure tunnel using IPsec needs to be deployed to protect the data during transport.

High value sw-310 vs pl-200:

Q137. Which network access control technology is recommended to use with Layer 2 access layer switches? 

A. 802.1q 

B. 802.1x 

C. 802.3af 

D. 802.3q 

E. 802.11n 

Answer: B 

Q138. Which two statements best describe an OSPF deployment? (Choose two.) 

A. ABR provides automatic classful network boundary summarization. 

B. ABR requires manual configuration for classful network summarization. 

C. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from stub areas via ASBR. 

D. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from regular areas or NSSA via ASBR. 

E. External routes are propagated into the autonomous system from regular areas or NSSA via ABR. 

Answer: B,D 

Q139. Which three sources does a network designer use to collect information for characterizing an existing network? (Choose three.) 

A. staff input 

B. visual inventory 

C. network audit 

D. traffic analysis 

E. server statistics 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q140. A network engineer is using the Cisco enterprise architecture model. In what module do network management servers reside? 

A. Enterprise Campus 

B. Enterprise Edge 

C. Remote Modules 

D. SP Edge WAN/internet 

Answer: A 

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