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Exam Code: 1Z0-518 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 Receivables Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Oct 1Z0-518 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. During the cutover phase of a project to Implement Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, you are responsible for converting historical account balances into Oracle General Ledger from a legacy system. There is no Account Code Combination setup in the Production Instance.

Identify the setup in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure that is required to perform this conversion.

A. Define Value Sets and assign them to Segments.

B. Define Segments in the Accounting Flexfield structure.

C. Qualify one of the Segments as the Balancing Segment.

D. The Key Flexfield Segments have to be enabled and displayed.

E. Select the "Allow Dynamic Inserts" check box in the Accounting Key Flexfield structure.

Answer: E

Q2. Identify three purposes for which transaction types can be used. (Choose three.)

A. to record how cash can be applied to transactions

B. to set whether AutoInvoice validates transactions using IDs or values

C. to set whether transactions affect the Accounts Receivable (AR) customer balances

D. to record the accounting flexfield value that would be used for the cash account for transactions

E. to record the accounting flexfield value that would be used for the receivable account for transactions

F. to set transaction numbers to be either assigned automatically or entered manually for transactions

Answer: ACE

Q3. After registering new data sources, you must complete your Bill Presentment Architecture by creating database views. How many database views can you create for each data source?

A. one

B. nine

C. three

D. unlimited

Answer: A

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Q4. A user is reconciling transaction balances in the closing process.

Why would the user run the Invoice Exceptions Report?

A. to identify unposted transactions

B. to Identify AutoInvoice validation errors

C. to Identify order lines with workflow stuck

D. to identify order lines with a back order credit hold

E. to identify transactions that do not appear In the Aging report

F. to identify transactions that do not appear In the Transaction Register

Answer: E

Q5. Company ABC is implementing Oracle User Management (OUM). It has decided to implement the

Self Service and Approvals access control layer.

What are the three self-service registration tasks an end user can perform? (Choose three.)

A. Reset passwords.

B. Obtain new user accounts.

C. Request deactivation of responsibility

D. Request reports to be added to request set.

E. Request additional access to the applications

Answer: ABE

Q6. Company X has three Operating Units: A, B, and C, Each Operating Units has the MO: Security Access profile option called ABC Security assigned, Operating Units A has both MO: Operating Units profile option and the MO: Default Operating Units profile option assigned to it,

Which statement is true?

A. Paul can create transactions for A, B, and C Operating Units.

B. All transactions created by Paul are automatically assigned to Operating Units A.

C. Paul can report on data across A, B, and C Operating Units, but enter transactions only against A.

D. The profile option did not include Operating Unit B and Operating Unit C due to an error by system administrator.

E. The Payables responsibility is linked to the Operating Unit A by the MO: Operating Unit profile option and can create transactions for that Operating Unit alone.

Answer: A

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Q7. Identify three true statements about defining actions In Oracle Alert. (Choose three.)

A. An alert can contain only one Action Set.

B. An alert can contain any number of Action Sets.

C. When multiple actions are defined they must be Included fn an Action Set.

D. Oracle Alert waits for user response before executing next action fn an Action Set.

E. When multiple actions are defined, they do not need to be included in an Action Set.

F. Oracle Alert does not wait for user response before executing next action In an Action Set.

Answer: BCF

Q8. ABC Corp. has the following Organization Structure:

1) Legal Entity: A

2) Operating Units: B and C

3) Balancing Entities: 10, 20, and 30

Identify three correct statements regarding the Balancing Entity. (Choose three.)

A. Each Balancing Entity must balance within itself.

B. There can be multiple Balancing Entities within an Operating Unit.

C. Balancing Entity is the lowest postable unit in the Chart of Accounts.

D. Balancing Entities can be automatically secured at the Legal Entity level.

E. Balancing Entities can be secured at the Operating Unit level through Security Rules.

Answer: ABE

Q9. Identify two features of a Value Set that has a validation type of "None." (Choose two.)

A. It has an approved list of values associated with it

B. The entered value must meet the formatting requirements.

C. The Flexfield value security rules cannot be used for a segment that uses this Value Set

D. Users can enter any value that they want even if It does not meet formatting requirements.

Answer: BC

Q10. The technical architecture In Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 supports the business needs of the application. Select three technical features included in the technical architecture in Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12. (Choose three.)

A. global

B. mobile interface

C. rapid implementation

D. Business Intelligence

E. end-to-end integration

F. self-service (HTML/JSPs)

Answer: BDF

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