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Q51. What three customer supported details identifies network requirements based on the PPDIOO design model? (Choose three.) 

A. goals 

B. budget 

C. user needs 

D. locations 

E. policies 

F. tasks 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q52. What is a characteristic of campus core designs? 

A. fast transport 

B. security 

C. summarization 

D. redistribution 


Q53. Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Service Provider Module? (Choose three.) 

A. ring 

B. star 

C. full mesh 

D. core/edge 

E. collapsed core 

F. partial mesh 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q54. An engineer has configured a router to send level 7 messages to a syslog server. What severity level are these messages? 

A. error 

B. warning 

C. debug 

D. informational 

E. notice 


Q55. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which statement accurately represents the characteristics of the core layer in this design? 

A. QoS should only be performed only in the core. 

B. Load balancing should never be implemented or used. 

C. Access lists should be used in the core to perform packet manipulation. 

D. Partial mesh should be used as long as it is connected to each device by multiple paths. 

E. Policy-based traffic control should be implemented to enable prioritization and ensure the best performance for all time-critical applications. 


Q56. A circuit order has been placed for Gigabit Ethernet and is 80KM from the carrier equipment. What type of SFP will be required? 

A. TX 

B. SX 

C. ZX 

D. LX 




Q58. In which operation mode does the AP act as a dedicated sensor for location-based and intrusion detection services? 

A. monitor mode 

B. promiscuous mode 

C. discovery mode 

D. sniffer mode 


Q59. Which technology allows remote networks to be connected via site-to-site tunnels? 

A. IPsec VPN 

B. AnyConnect VPN 


D. EasyConnect VPN