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Q151. Which of the following is a recommended alternative to an integrated email encryption system? 

A. Sign emails containing sensitive data 

B. Send sensitive data in separate emails 

C. Encrypt sensitive data separately in attachments 

D. Store sensitive information to be sent in encrypted drives 


Q152. A large university needs to enable student.access to university resources from their homes. Which of the following provides the BEST option for low maintenance and ease of deployment? 

A. Provide students with Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Virtual Private Network (VPN) client software. 

B. Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN technology. 

C. Use Secure Shell (SSH) with public/private keys. 

D. Require students to purchase home router capable of VPN. 


Q153. Which of the following provides the MOST protection against data theft of sensitive information when a laptop is stolen? 

A. Set up a BIOS and operating system password 

B. Encrypt the virtual drive where confidential files can be stored 

C. Implement a mandatory policy in which sensitive data cannot be stored on laptops, but only on the corporate network 

D. Encrypt the entire disk and delete contents after a set number of failed access attempts 


Q154. the information below to answer the question. 

In a Multilevel Security (MLS) system, the following sensitivity labels are used in increasing levels of sensitivity: restricted, confidential, secret, top secret. Table A lists the clearance levels for four users, while Table B lists the security classes of four different files. 

Which of the following is true according to the star property (*property)? 

A. User D can write to.File 1 

B. User.B can write to File 1 

C. User A can write to File 1 

D. User C can.write to.File 1 


Q155. In a data classification scheme, the data is owned by the 

A. Information Technology (IT) managers. 

B. business managers. 

C. end users. 

D. system security managers. 


Q156. Which of the following is a network intrusion detection technique? 

A. Statistical anomaly 

B. Perimeter intrusion 

C. Port scanning 

D. Network spoofing 


Q157. Which one of the following security mechanisms provides the BEST way to restrict the execution of privileged procedures? 

A. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) 

B. Biometric access control 

C. Federated Identity Management (IdM) 

D. Application hardening 


Q158. Regarding asset security and appropriate retention,.which of the following three areas focus on? 

A. Security control baselines, access controls, employee awareness and training 

B. Human resources, asset management, production management 

C. Supply chain lead time, inventory control, encryption 

D. Polygraphs, crime statistics, forensics 


Q159. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is necessary in many systems given common types of password attacks. Which of the following is a correct list of password attacks? 

A. Masquerading, salami, malware, polymorphism 

B. Brute force, dictionary, phishing, keylogger 

C. Zeus, netbus, rabbit, turtle 

D. Token, biometrics, IDS, DLP 


Q160. How can lessons learned from business continuity training and actual recovery incidents BEST be used? 

A. As a means for improvement 

B. As alternative options for awareness and training 

C. As indicators of a need for policy 

D. As business function gap indicators