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Exam Code: 6209 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Avaya Aura Contact Center CCT and Multimedia Implementation Exam
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2016 Jun 6209 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. The routing rules in Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) make several complex decisions to decide the handling and routing of the multimedia contacts. What are three things that refer to the routing rules? (Choose three). 

A. KeyWord Group 

B. Priority 

C. ToAddress 

D. FromAddress 

E. Skillset 

Answer: ACD

Q2. Open Queue is part of what Communication Control Toolkit subcomponent? 


B. Advanced Scripting 

C. Lite Communication Control Toolkit API 

D. Contact Management Framework 

Answer: D

Q3. A customer with Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) installed needs to create, modify and monitor outbound campaigns. Which CCMM tool, accessed from the Contact Center Management Administration (CCMA) application can provide this functionality? 

A. The Multimedia Contact manager 

B. The Contact Center Multimedia Administrator 

C. The E-mail Manager 

D. The Outbound Campaign management Tool 

Answer: D

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Leading 6209 test questions:

Q4. You want control of when and how Avaya or any other service partner can access your equipment. You will need to configure the remote access architecture and remote desktop connection. What do you use along with Remote Desktop Connection features to add access your equipment? 

A. Avaya Secure Control Link 

B. Avaya Remote Access Link 

C. Avaya Remote Connection Link 

D. Avaya Secure Access Link 

Answer: D

Q5. A technician has been asked to generate outbound and multimedia reports based on data stored within the Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) database. The technician must also access multimedia data sources through the Report Creation Wizard for reporting customization. The CCMM server has been added to the Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA). 

Which additional step is required to complete this task? 

A. Assign the CCMM server as a reporting server for the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) 

B. Add the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) server to theCCMA 

C. Add the Microsoft Exchange server to the CCMA 

D. Assign the CCT server as a reporting server for the CCMS 

Answer: A

Q6. A technician is preparing to do his partitioning on a co-resident Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS). All database drives must be partitioned in what size increments? 

A. 1 GB 

B. 2 GB 

C. 3 GB 

D. 4 GB 

Answer: A

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Q7. The technician needs to install an Avaya Aura Contact center in a co-resident configuration to support a contact center with less than 200 agents or less than 12000 calls per hour. The Contact Center Support Multimedia Outbound and Universal Networking. The co-resident applications link through Contact Center Manager Server, License Manager, Contact Center Manager infrastructure, Communication Control Toolkit, Contact Center Multimedia, Server Utility and Avaya Media Server. For this installation, what is the drive letter and size of the hard disk partition required for the Avaya Aura Contact Center application? 

A. C:\\ and 60 GB 

B. D:\\ and 80 GB 

C. E:\\ and 120 GB 

D. F:\\ and 300 GB 

Answer: B

Q8. Which service contains the inbound message handler (IMH) component? 

A. Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) License Service 

B. CCMM Campaign Scheduler Service 

C. CCMM E-mail Manager Service 

D. CCMM Starter Service 

Answer: B

Q9. The Contact Center supervisor is creating an outbound campaign. Where is it loaded? 

A. It is loaded on the Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) database where it creates contacts and presents them to the CCMS via Open Queue 

B. It is loaded on the Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) server database where it creates contacts and presents them to CCMS via Open Queue 

C. It is loaded on the Communications Control Toolkit (CCT) database where it creates contacts and presents them to CCMS via Open Queue 

D. It is loaded on external database 

Answer: B

Q10. What is the sequence that components use when handling the routing on an E-mail contact with Avaya Aura Contact Center? 

A. E-mailManager> Multimedia Contact Manager Client > CCMM Database > CMS 

B. E-mailManager> CCMM Database > Multimedia Contact Manager Client > CMS 

C. CCMM Database > E-mailManager> Multimedia Contact Manager Client > CMS 

D. CCMM Database > Multimedia Contact Manager Client > E-mailManager> CMS 

Answer: B

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