How to pass IBM C2010-570 Real Exam in 24 Hours [exam question 101-110]

Exam Code: C2010-570 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Implementation Exam
Certification Provider: IBM
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2016 Jun C2010-570 Study Guide Questions:

Q101. Which statement describes the function of the Select Items for Return button? 

A. to return excess inventory items to another storeroom bin 

B. to return inventory items to a storeroom found in the workshop 

C. to return issued but unused inventory items to another storeroom 

D. to return issued but unused inventory items to the original storeroom 

Answer: D 

Q102. Which two items must be created before an organization can be active? (Choose two.) 

A. Site 

B. Item Set 

C. Currency Code 

D. Primary Vendor 

E. Financial Period 

Answer: B,C 

Q103. How can a document be included in an e-mail sent from a communication template? 

A. On the Attachment Folders tab, check the Include box 

B. On the Create Communication dialog, select attachments to send 

C. On the Linked Documents tab, check the Send with Communication box 

D. On the Communication Template tab, click Attachments and select a document 

Answer: D 

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Q104. In addition to the Work Order Tracking application, which other application allows a user to plan labor or crafts? 

A. Labor application 

B. Safety Plan application 

C. Quick Reporting application 

D. Activities and Tasks application 

Answer: D 

Q105. What do relationship rules specify? 

A. The relationship between assets 

B. Groups of rules that apply to an asset 

C. The relationship between classifications 

D. Groups of rules that apply to a relationship 

Answer: D 

Q106. Which statement is true about using the Report Viewer application? 

A. It is possible to filter the list in the Report Viewer application to find the desired report output. 

B. Choose a report from the Report Administration application and click the link to the report viewer. 

C. Report content can be filtered as sensitive (requiring a Maximo login) or non-sensitive (no login required). 

D. When attempting to view the report, click the Limit Records button and enter the desired number of records to be returned. 

Answer: A 

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Q107. Which part of the topology viewer increases or decreases the level of transitive relationships from the source asset in the display? 

A. Breadth 

B. Detail View 

C. Relationships 

D. Classifications 

Answer: A 

Q108. In the Work Order Tracking application, which two actions create a value in the related records table? (Choose two.) 

A. Select Action > Create > Work Order 

B. Select Action > Duplicate Work Order 

C. Select Action > Create Work Package 

D. Select Action > Create > Communication 

E. Select Action > Create > Service Request 

Answer: A,E 

Q109. Where is application access defined? 

A. Rights application 

B. Access application 

C. Security Groups application 

D. Application Definition application 

Answer: C 

Q110. Which statement is true regarding job plan editing? 

A. Job plans with a status of DRAFT or PNDREV may be edited. 

B. Job plans can never be edited once they have been revised (revision number > 0). 

C. To edit a job plan, use the select action command to Revise Job Plan. This action cancels the initial job plan, creating an editable copy in the REVISED status. 

D. To designate a job plan for a different organization or site, use the select action command to Revise Job Plan and then change the organization or site identifier. 

Answer: A 

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