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Exam Code: P2090-027 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Technical Mastery Test v1
Certification Provider: IBM
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2016 Jun P2090-027 Study Guide Questions:

Q21. What operating system is included with IBM Smart Analytics System 5710? 

A. Red Hat 

B. Microsoft Windows 

C. Suse Linux Server 

D. Customers can choose one of the three above. 

Answer: C 


Q22. Which mining operator is used to preserve a mining model rules in relational tables?Which mining operator is used to preserve a mining model? rules in relational tables? 

A. An annotator. 

B. A visualizer. 

C. An extractor. 

D. There is no function to do this. 

Answer: C 


Q23. Which of the following is not a valid InfoSphere Warehouse Data Mining technique/algorithm? 

A. Clustering. 

B. Differentiation. 

C. Classification. 

D. Association 

Answer: B 


P2090-027  study guide

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Q24. What are the steps required before a Calculated Measure can be used in an OLAP cube? 

A. Add the new measure to the Fact Table in the database. 

B. Add the new measure to the Fact Table in the data model. 

C. Add the new measure to the cube and then add it to the cube model. 

D. Add the new measure to the cube model and then add it to the cube. 

Answer: D 


Q25. How do you monitor the status of a running control flow? 

A. Manage Control Flows in the Admin Console 

B. Manage Instances in the Admin Console 

C. Manage Logs in the Admin Console 

D. Generate code in Design Studio 

Answer: B 


Q26. Customers who are looking for a customizable data warehouse solution with the ability to choose their software and hardware should consider: 

A. IBM Netezza 


C. IBM Smart Analytics System 

D. IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 

Answer: D 


P2090-027  study guide

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Q27. Assume your storage unit has a strip size of 128KB and a stripe size of 512KB. What is the optimal extent size for a page size of 16KB? 

A. 8 

B. 16 

C. 32 

D. 64 

Answer: C 


Q28. Which of the following tables consists of measurement or metric data of a business process in a multi-dimensional schema model? 

A. Dimension Table 

B. Conformed Dimension Table 

C. Slowly Changing Dimension Table 

D. Fact Table 

Answer: D 


Q29. Which of the following tools can be used by a DBA to edit data for a DB2 table? 

A. Design Studio 

B. Data Studio 

C. InfoSphere Data Architect 

D. All of the above 

Answer: D 


Q30. Which answer best describes the IBM Smart Analytics System? 

A. Cloud based offering 

B. Virtualization solution 

C. True Data Warehouse Appliance 

D. Workload Optimized System 

Answer: D 


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