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2016 Aug 1Z0-593 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which three items can be stored on the ACFS (Oracle ASM Cluster File System)? 

A. Oracle Database Homes (shared home approach) 

B. Any type of application-related configuration or log files 

C. The Oracle Grid Infrastructure Home 

D. Oracle Backup Sets (RMAN backup sets) 

Answer: ABD 

Q2. The Oracle Cluster Health Monitor can't _________. 

A. Detect and analyze OS and duster resource for problems in Oracle Clusterware and RAC cluster 

B. Track OS resource consumption at each node, process, and device level continuously 

C. Be installed on Windows Server 20O3 SP1 

D. Collect and analyze the cluster-wide data 

Answer: C 

Q3. How do you modify Kernel Parameters to meet the minimum requirements for Oracle RAC? (Select all that Apply)

A. Pre-Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 manually changing the kernel Parameters is required to meet Oracle RAC minimum requirements. 

B. With Oracle Grid Infrastructure / Oracle RAC 11g Release 2 fixup-scripts (CVU generated) can be used to set the appropriate kernel Parameters. 

C. The Oracle Enterprise Manager can be used to modify kernel Parameters before the Installation of the Oracle RAC stack. 

D. You do not need to change any Kernel Parameters for an Oracle RAC installation. 

Answer: AB 

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Q4. You are setting up IP addresses for your Oracle Clusterware-based cluster. Which two types of IP addresses should be registered with DNS? 

A. Public IP address 

B. Private IP address 

C. VIP address 

D. Storage IP address 

Answer: AC 

Q5. You have configured your eight-node cluster to use the GRID Naming Service (GNS). The network administrator has established a delegated subdomain for the cluster, which is MYCLUSTER.COMPANY.COM. DHCP has been configured as that the cluster now manages IP addresses within it. 

Select three responses that describe the VIPs that will exist in this configuration. 


B. 3 GNS VIPs 



E. 3 Node VIPs 

F. 8 Node VIPs 

Answer: ADF 

Q6. Which two options are checked by the Oracle Universal Installer, when you first install Oracle Software on a system? 

A. if the OFA-compliant path is available 

B. oraInst.loc should exist 

C. that the user running the installation has permissions to write to the designated path 

D. that you are running OUI as a DBA user 

Answer: AB

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Q7. Which command can be used to stop Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM instances on all nodes in the cluster running in Linux/UNIX? 

A. #emcrsctl stop crs –all 

B. srvctl stop cluster –all 

C. #crsctl stop cluster –all 

D. #crsctl stop crs –d database 

Answer: C 

Q8. Identify three valid storage options for the OCR and voting disk for it new installation of Infrastructure 11g Release 2. 

A. A certified Cluster File System (CFS) 

B. A certified Network File System (NFS) 

C. ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) 

D. Automatic Storage Management (ASM) 

E. Shared disk slices (block or raw devices) 

Answer: ABD 

Q9. How many OCR locations are allocated if you choose an ASM diskgroup using external redundancy? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. You cannot use external redundancy for OCR files. 

Answer: A 

Q10. When installing the Oracle Database with OUI, when are configuration scripts executed? 

A. Before installation begins 

B. After prerequisites check finished 

C. After the software has been installed 

D. Automatically throughout the installation process 

Answer: C 

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