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2016 Aug 350-018 Study Guide Questions:

Q211. In what subnet does address reside? 






Answer: D 

Q212. Which two statements about the RC4 algorithm are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The RC4 algorithm is an asymmetric key algorithm. 

B. The RC4 algorithm is a symmetric key algorithm. 

C. The RC4 slower in computation than DES. 

D. The RC4 used with wireless encryption protocols. 

E. The RC4 algorithm uses fixed-length keys. 

Answer: BD 

Q213. Which two statements about the MD5 Hash are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Length of the hash value varies with the length of the message that is being hashed. 

B. Every unique message has a unique hash value. 

C. Its mathematically possible to find a pair of message that.yield the same hash value. 

D. MD5 always yields a different value for the same message if repeatedly hashed. 

E. The hash value cannot be used to discover the message. 

Answer: BE 

350-018  exam question

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Q214. Which label is advertised by an LSR to inform neighboring LSRs to perform the penultimate hop popping operation? 

A. 0x00 

B. php 

C. swap 

D. push 

E. imp-null 

Answer: E 

Q215. Which four techniques can you use for IP data plane security? (Choose four.) 

A. Control Plane Policing 

B. interface ACLs 

C. uRPF 

D. MD5 authentication 


F. QoS 

Answer: BCEF 

Q216. Which encryption mechanism is used in WEP? 

A. RC4 

B. RC5 



Answer: A

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Q217. Which signature engine is used to create a custom IPS signature on a Cisco IPS appliance that triggers when a vulnerable web application identified by the "/runscript.php" URI is run? 


B. Service HTTP 

C. String TCP 

D. Atomic IP 


F. Multi-String 

Answer: B 

Q218. Which three fields are part of the AH header? (Choose three.) 

A. Source Address 

B. Destination Address 

C. Packet ICV 

D. Protocol ID 

E. Application Port 

F. SPI identifying SA 

G. Payload Data Type Identifier 

Answer: CFG 

Q219. According to RFC-5426, syslog senders must support sending syslog message datagrams to which port? 

A. TCP port 514 

B. UDP port 514 

C. TCP port 69 

D. UDP port 69 

E. TCP port 161 

F. UDP port 161 

Answer: B 

Q220. Which two options represent definitions that are found in the syslog protocol (RFC 5426)? (Choose two.) 

A. Syslog message transport is reliable. 

B. Each syslog datagram must contain only one message. 

C. IPv6 syslog receivers must be able to receive datagrams of up to 1180 bytes. 

D. Syslog messages must be prioritized with an IP precedence of 7. 

E. Syslog servers must use NTP for the accurate time stamping of message arrival. 

Answer: BC 

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