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Q21. What does an organization FIRST review to assure compliance with privacy requirements? 

A. Best practices 

B. Business objectives 

C. Legal and regulatory mandates 

D. Employee's compliance to policies and standards 


Q22. What is the PRIMARY difference between security policies and security procedures? 

A. Policies are used to enforce violations, and procedures create penalties 

B. Policies point to guidelines, and procedures are more contractual in nature 

C. Policies are included in awareness training, and procedures give guidance 

D. Policies are generic in nature, and procedures contain operational details 


Q23. The.Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).is implemented in the 

A. system software. 

B. system hardware. 

C. application software. 

D. network hardware. 


Q24. To prevent inadvertent disclosure of restricted information, which of the following would be the LEAST effective process for eliminating data prior to the media being discarded? 

A. Multiple-pass overwriting 

B. Degaussing 

C. High-level formatting 

D. Physical destruction 


Q25. Which of the following is a function of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)? 

A. File allocation 

B. Redundancy check 

C. Extended validation 

D. Policy enforcement 


Q26. Which of the following describes the BEST configuration management practice? 

A. After installing a new system, the configuration files are copied to a separate back-up system and hashed to detect tampering. 

B. After installing a new system, the configuration files are copied to an air-gapped system and hashed to detect tampering. 

C. The firewall rules are backed up to an air-gapped system. 

D. A baseline configuration is created and maintained for all relevant systems. 


Q27. the information below to answer the question. 

A new employee is given a laptop computer with full administrator access. This employee does not have a personal computer at home and has a child that uses the computer to send and receive e-mail, search the web, and use instant messaging. The organization’s Information Technology (IT) department discovers that a peer-to-peer program has been installed on the computer using the employee's access. 

Which of the following methods is the MOST effective way of removing the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program from the computer? 

A. Run software uninstall 

B. Re-image the computer 

C. Find.and remove all installation files 

D. Delete all cookies stored in the web browser cache 


Q28. the information below to answer the question. 

An organization has hired an information security officer to lead their security department. The officer has adequate people resources but is lacking the other necessary components to have an effective security program. There are numerous initiatives requiring security involvement. 

The effectiveness of the security program can PRIMARILY be measured through 

A. audit findings. 

B. risk elimination. 

C. audit requirements. 

D. customer satisfaction. 


Q29. When transmitting information over public networks, the decision to encrypt it should be based on 

A. the estimated monetary value of the information. 

B. whether there are transient nodes relaying the transmission. 

C. the level of confidentiality of the information. 

D. the volume of the information. 


Q30. Which one of the following is the MOST important in designing a biometric access system if it is essential that no one other than authorized individuals are admitted? 

A. False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 

B. False Rejection Rate (FRR) 

C. Crossover Error Rate (CER) 

D. Rejection Error Rate