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2016 Sep 1Z0-457 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. What is the primary purpose of the Middleware Diagnostics Advisor (MDA) that is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager WebLogic Server management Pack Enterprise Edition/ 

A. To provide configuration data reports and best practices. 

B. To provide root cause analysis and recommendations based on performance metrics and configuration data of the stack (WLS, JVM, application, database, and hosts) 

C. To correlate JVM threads with the underlying database tier to provide across-tier rrot cause analysis and to generate reports showing database usage related to the JVM 

D. To alert on Java memory leaks in WenLogic Server 

Answer: B 

Q12. You need a workflowof tasks that must be performed for a particular lifecycle management activity. 

What Oracle Enterprise management functionality can you use to provide this? 

A. DeploymentProcedures 

B. Connector Framework 

C. Configuration Control 

D. Diagnostics Pack and Tuning Pack 

Answer: A 

Q13. Which three activities can be performed with the Oracle Enterprise manager Groups functionality? 

A. Monitor outstanding alerts and policy violations as a group. 

B. Perform administrative tasks on a group. 

C. Monitor the overall performance of a group and view the performance summary of targets within the group. 

D. Monitor a group of LUNs used by a database for storage. 

E. Perform administration on a user group. 

Answer: BCE 

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Q14. Identify the correct sequence of processes involved in developing plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager. 

A. Design, Develop, Validate, and Package 

B. Design, Develop, Package, and Validate 

C. Develop, Design, Validate, and Package 

D. Design, Validate, Develop, and Package 

Answer: A 

Q15. What are three message content and context search examples for transaction that can be performed with Oracle Enterprise Manager Transaction Management? 

A. By customer ID 

B. By input ID 

C. By message rejection 

D. By time of arrival 

E. By message type 

Answer: ADE 

Q16. Which three metrics are monitored by Oracle Enterprise Manager Business Transaction Management? 

A. Availability 

B. Memory usage 

C. Throughput 

D. Faults 

E. SQL executes 

Answer: ACD

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Q17. When you size the Oracle Enterprise manager management Service (OMS), what are the three key criteria that you need to keep in mind? 

A. Amount of jobs to dispatch 

B. Volume of notifications to send out 

C. Number of agents (including state and metric data) uploading information 

D. Volume of deployment procedures 

E. Amount of history kept in the repository 

Answer: BCE 

Q18. Identify four activities that can be performed by enabling oracle Enterprise manager repeat notifications. 

A. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same metric 

B. Subscribe to repeatedly receive email notifications about the same availability alert 

C. Send email notifications based on a designated repeat frequency. 

D. Limit email notifications by designating a maximum repeat notification. 

E. Get an email copy of a notification for regulatory compliance. 

F. Send email notifications based on a rotating calendar date. 

Answer: BCDF 

Q19. Identify three unique capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise manager Application Management Pack for Fusion Applications. 

A. Captures technical configuration and topology information that is specific to Oracle Fusion Applications 

B. Organizes and displays data by the Oracle Fusion Applications product 

C. Captures functional usage heuristics and histograms related to Oracle Fusion Applications 

D. Executes testing scripts for Oracle Applications 

E. Organizes and displays data by family of Oracle Fusion Applications 

Answer: BCE 

Q20. Which statement is true about the Oracle Enterprise Manager JVM diagnostics capability? 

A. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with a database session as well as the SQL. 

B. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with a database session but not the SQL. 

C. JVM diagnostics can correlate a JVM thread with SQL but not the database session. 

D. You use the Oracle Enterprise manager Java Explorer, not JVM diagnostics, to correlate a JVM thread with a database session as well as the SQL. 

Answer: B 

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